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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Worship of Mammon


Anonymous said...

You heard it first here!

This has not yet been published anywhere locally that I can tell:

The State is withholding a month of the State Budget from Higher Education. For the University of Toledo, according to my compuatations, UT will take a $11 million cut in this year's budget!

Anonymous said...

Reference for the previous comment:,0,6214864.story

Anonymous said...

Sept. 21 - UT News:

"The University of Toledo learned late last week that the state of Ohio plans to defer to 2012 a total of $127.5 million set aside for state share of instruction dollars in fiscal year 2011. UT’s share is $7.9 million and UT leaders are now investigating its response to these cuts, explained Dr. Scott Scarborough, senior vice president for finance and administration.

Jacobs said this means nearly $8 million planned for this fiscal year will no longer be paid to UT and existing concerns about a difficult fiscal year 2012 — with a projected $8 billion shortfall at the state level — prompted the president to wonder if that money would ever ultimately be transferred to the University."


Anonymous said...

It was in a UT Times story online.

Anonymous said...

The kid in PR has a blog up that links to a Columbus Dispatch story that shows the cut for all universities.

UT's is 7.89 million