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Sunday, September 12, 2010

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! The Journal of Administrative Antics: New Online Peer-Reviewed Journal

Bloggie is pleased to announce the founding of a new, and much-needed academic/professional interdisciplinary journal:

The Journal of Administrative Antics

Recognizing that the temper of our times is increasingly one of vapid self-serving excess by administrative "elites" that have adapted themselves to functioning at general social expense, this new academic and professional journal is now in the process of formation. The first issue is expected to be published in June of 2011, and thereafter will be published twice annually. Initial publication will be online with the expectation of adding a print edition sometime within the first two years.

JAA will be peer-reviewed.  An editorial board is in the process of formation and will be announced in due time.  The editor seeks nominations or self-nominations for the editorial board. 

JAA Editor: Brian Anse Patrick, BA, MA, PHD, GED, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, University of Toledo, 4630 University Hall, Toledo, OH  43606,

JAA actively seeks submissions of high quality research articles, book reviews and essays.  Although there is no methodological preference, submitted articles should be empirically-based and conform generally to either MLA or APA publication standards and be no longer in length than is necessary. Book reviews and essays should be no more than 1,000 words in length.  Save for a title page, articles should contain no mention of the author's name for purposes of anonymous review.  
JAA seeks to grow by rhizomatic means--horizontally in the direction of the concerns of contributors and expressed social needs. Initially the journal will be focused on university and not-for-profit administration, but will also encompass antics of government, corporate/business elites that have been placed in the stewardship roles of publicly held corporations or other arrangements of trust. Counter intuitive approaches are welcome. 

JAA policy will lean toward flexibility concerning submissions. Article, book review and essay queries should be sent to the editor. 
Considering the temper of the times and the severity of the problems caused and perpetuated by administrative antics, research article topics could utilize any number of approaches:
  • Analyses of administrative rhetoric, themes, equivocations, techniques, either by methods of textual analysis or quantitative content analysis or by other means.
  • Econometric studies
  • Political Economy 
  • Comparative analyses
  • Case studies 
  • Ethnomethodological or participant-observer studies
  • Literature reviews 
  • Effects research
  • Nomothetic or historical analyses 
  • Ritual, religious studies or anthropological-based approaches 
JAA actively seeks article submissions and queries. Please send them by email to the editor.    


Anonymous said...

Will the journal consider art work too? Haiku?

Bloggie said...

Query the editor to find out definitely, but Bloggie's understanding is that it probably would if the materials were relevant to the general thrust of the journal.

Anonymous said...

What an outstanding idea! I can not wait for the first issue. What are the due dates for submitting papaers?

Anonymous said...

Whose peers would review submissions? Is this just another excuse to hire on more administrators at exorbitant salaries + bonuses??? Say it ain't so, Bloggie! Don't go over to the Dark Side!

Anonymous said...

Administrators are not peers.

Anonymous said...

They are enemies

Anonymous said...

Fight the enemy

Bloggie said...

Bloggie thinks that the intention behind this journal is more to describe and understand a serious social problem than to "fight the enemy." There are certainly some bloody-minded individuals out there. Administrators? Certainly not scholars.

Anonymous said...

Dehumanize the enemy

Anonymous said...

Let's don't adopt the administrators' attitude and methods. Let's be better than that.

Anonymous said...

Video of some recent discussions re the CSO org charts:

Anonymous said...

This videos are taken by the administration. I don't need to hear about what happened through the admin's filter!

Anonymous said...

How about the commenters above grow up a bit? This appears to be an extension of junior high.

Anonymous said...

This appears to be yet another extension of junior high into the academy. I would have thought that a professor even one with a GED, would be able to rise above this. Wow.

brian anse patrick said...

My observation in the academy suggests that almost anyone can get a PHD; but a person actually has to pass a test to get a GED.

There is a need for this journal.

Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed that after so many faculty (correctly) lampooned the new names suggested by the reorganization committee, that the way to counter that is with a journal whose title is equally lampoonable. (Yes I made it up, refudiate my word choice if you must.)

Serious scholars will not be submitting to or putting on their vita's papers published in a a journal of Administrative Antics. It is entirely possible that this is a joke and Brian's sense of humor went right over my head, but if it is serious, I don't understand how a foolishly named journal succeeds in counteracting administrators creating foolishly named departments.

Anonymous said...

The current University of Toledo administration is the "Death Bed" UT students and faculty...

E.S. said...

I'd love to send an article, but I'm afraid I would get hounded out of my institution by the administration. (no, seriously!)
But one question: will there be any room for satire? For some years I've been registering my discontent via satirical pieces circulated under the radar.

Brian Anse Patrick said...

To E.S.


Anonymous said...

Note that at the National Review's higher ed blog they have a special entry to publicize the JAA, calling it "much needed."

Brian, you are a publicity king! I tip my hat. Be sure to put this on your ARPA!

Yr humble & obt

John Dickinson.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Cause the National Review is sympathetic to the need for a tenured professoriate and appreciates the value of a liberal arts education.

What is it with this recent barrage of right-wing sources and media placements to prove our points? The right wing is on Jacobs side, not ours. They'd like to see the end of tenure, students in control of the textbooks we choose. While making David Horowitz happy may appeal to some, I doesn't to me or anyone else trying to hold on to what is left of academe.

Anonymous said...

Humbly submitted, the first Haiku:

your dishonesty destroys
free thought and free speech.

Anonymous said...

The right wing is on Jacobs side, not ours.

So if National Review publicizes this blog's efforts, and you are commenting on this blog,

=> Anon 5:19 must be an unclean part of the VRWC!

Anonymous said...

Tyranny and deception are inherently neither of the left nor the right. Pull your heads out of your ideological rear ends and realize that this administration is no friend of Man.

Theseus II said...

Right 6:57! And you inspire me to suggest the need and name for a higher rank than "Chancellor" on the UT administration ladder. Higher even than "Sultan".

I propose (Ta! Ta!) Rectum!

"Have you met His Excellency, The Rectum of The University of Toledo?"


"Well, then let us seek safe passage through the Tunnel of Winds, then climb the Gold Stairway to the Solar Palace and do so forthwith."

"May I take off my shoes?"

"No. You may need one or both of them later."

Anonymous said...

Exactly correct 6:57 –

Read Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer for an outstanding illustration of your point.

It is the blindly conformist and willfully ignorant and dogmatic Marxist/Feminist "Ideology uber alles" mentality of the leftist professoriate that got us into this mess in the first place.

Bill Buckley got it right way back in 1951 with his God and Man at Yale and the likes of David Horowitz with his Reforming Our Universities: The Campaign for an Academic Bill of Rights and Roger Kimball with his Tenured Radicals: How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Eduction etc. etc. have continued to get it right.

When will leftist academics finally get it right??