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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Reorg/Strategic Plan Meetings

As I may not make either of the two meetings allow me to make my beliefs known. First on the reorganization part of this: You can call people anything you want (Deans, Tribunes, Commissars, etc.), and you can put them in almost any order you want; but, if you want something specific accomplished that is not now being done (see integrative learning) then assign one of your minions to do this. This administration seems to want to kill flies with bombs (atomic ones). If something is not being done we must need seventeen more deans and other assorted hangers on. In another case, if you believe some faculty are not working hard enough then sit down and discuss that with them. Instead we have, for the last two years, run around like crazy people, sent thousands of e-mails and ended up with pretty much the same workload we had two years ago. That hardly seems like an efficient use of time. For the last two years I have been involved with the Round Table, then the extended Round Table (I see a career in wood working or at the very least furniture sales) and now yet more meetings that seem destined to increase the bureaucracy so much that everyone will have some kind of title. I suppose that's one way to get rid of the union. If I were the conspiracy type I might conclude that this is just a smoke screen to keep us occuppied while other things are being done.

As to the Strategic Plan I get the feeling that this university does not value what I do. I teach communication. That does not generally result in patents or new drug therapies. Since we do not raise money but merely "teach" the view seems to be that anyone can do this. When I finally retire, I imagine they will search the zoo for my replacement (see trained seals). Universities are more than just the search for patents and money. They can lead students in many exciting directions. (My pediatrician while growing up was a Harvard graduate in English Lit.) This administration seems to think it can picture the future; and, it's a picture without most of us in it.

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