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Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome Back

So, we start again here at old UT. The excitement is palpable. This is edge of your chair stuff.

1. What will A & S look like at this time next year? (This is an annual question.)
2. Will I be located in the College of Post Apocalyptic Annihilation?
3. Will I be in the School of Flim Flam?
4. Will they just come and carry me away?
5. Will this year's buzzwords be "retention" or "undergraduate research"?
6. Will negotiations go the way they always go? (This means we will work next year without a contract.)
7. Will the Committee of 12 make public appearances?
8. Will the University continue to add administrators?
9. Will the State of Ohio pay faculty in IOUs while paying administrators in cash?

These are just a few of the happy thoughts accumulated over the summer. Have a great Fall.


Anonymous said...

You're a downer. I'm going to call you Professor Downer.

Anonymous said...

I understand that the Committee of 12 has been dodging speaking to Arts & Sciences Council. Since a main purpose of this reorganization nonsense is to get rid of Arts and Sciences Council, along with any other form of meaningful self-governance in the College or university, I am not surprised. Even back in the dark ages under the Popes universities practiced self governance.

Anonymous said...

The university leadership seems quite power mad on every level. For twenty years I managed my own screen saver with no disaster befalling the university but quite suddenly it was hijacked by TPTB and I am no longer permitted this freedom. No doubt it will be used for propaganda purposes..."the administrators are our friends"....did I say that?

Anonymous said...

Washington Monthly rates UT 195 in the nation:

Anonymous said...

These are rankings based largely on Pell Grants and financial aid given--not academic excellence or reputation as with the other rankings.

umbraged said...

Anon 7:33--195 out of how many?

Anonymous said...

There are thousands of schools in the U.S. Their list stopped at 258. I'm guessing however they aren't leaving out schools they think are ranked higher than their list. That doesn't make much sense.

I just find it odd so many were quick to embrace the Forbes list cause that pushed one narrative despite their questionable methodology, but this list is quickly dismissed because of its methodology.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:28 PM: You have the screen saver because that is the way they do things on the Health Sciences Campus

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:04

This phenomenal list ranks South Carolina State ahead of MIT and Tennessee State ahead of Yale. Does that make sense to you?