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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Verbatim A&S Council Resolution Concerning "Strategic" Reorganization

Below is the verbatim resolution passed by UT's Arts & Sciences Council at its first meeting of the 2010-11 academic year on August 24.  Bloggie suspects that the "strategic" in the committee's name as used by Prez Jacobs refers to his strategy of destroying meaningful faculty governance (and resultant quality education) at the College and Department level. 

To A&S Faculty:


On August 24 the A&S Council passed this resolution unanimously. We were very concerned with the negative consequences for the A&S College. The Committee on Strategic Organization is the so called Committee of Twelve that proposed radical changes to university and college structure.


David H. Davis

Council Secretary



Resolved that  the Arts and Sciences Council is opposed to the proposal for restructuring as presented at the June 28 leadership meeting in the document prepared by the presidentially appointed Committee on Strategic Organization. Any plans to re-organize the College should: (a) include a clear statement of demonstrated need for such a re-organization, (b) include a clear statement of projected goals for such re-organization, (c) respect the responsibility of faculty to oversee the curriculum and enhance student-centeredness, (d) allow departments to strengthen and enhance their programs, and (e) be in cooperation with involved faculty and students. In the spirit of collaboration, the Arts and Sciences Council further resolves that any future plans which directly apply to the College of Arts and Sciences should be developed and discussed with Council before any decision is made, lest meaningful self-governance of the College and its faculty be contravened.



Anonymous said...

Wait til this hits the media!

Anonymous said...

The Blade will give one blurb about how lazy everyone is and how hardworking Jake is. Although, it seems like my predictions are coming true. My sense is that from one end of the campus to the other in every department chaos is setting in because of all the ill-advised and quick changes that were made y fiat from the administration. Anytime now I expect to hear them start bailing out with their golden parachutes, leaving the mess to the students,faculty, staff and the state of Ohio.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the BOT rejected the factfinder's report concerning the issues with AFSCME shows just how anti-worker it is. It is exactly the attitude of people like those who sit on that board who have ruined the middle-class in this country.

Anonymous said...

Any word on whether or not this matters to the administration? Everyone in my department (students included) has been very worried about the fallout from that terrible plan. It's not that we're worried about our jobs or the quality of instruction -- that stuff should be okay. It's all the things that departments do for students which aren't compensated or rewarded but are the product of the localized synergy the departments generate when they are led by their own, self-governed, and not driven to demoralization. I sincerely hope that the faculty's resolution will be taken seriously by the administration.