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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Non Sequitur Cartoon

Dear Bloggie, O Virtualness,
I would have posted this myself--possibly referring to King Jake's Town Hall statement that those of us who do UT's work on our own time (which I seriously doubt applies to King Jake!) should be glad we have a job--but I couldn't get it to do anything. Maybe you can? If you think it's worth posting (I do!): the "Non Sequitur" comic from August 5. It is at the very least appropriate!
Falling prostrate at your virtual feet, I am
Your most humble
Yo, duh!


Anonymous said...

Excellent cartoon! And I thought exactly the same thing as the contributor when I saw it in the paper. It fits our President so well!

Anonymous said...

Did you also note his statement about his "ethics"? He violates his own Equal Opportunity Policy and then declares that otheres are violating his "Ethics!"

What a nice guy: he could have replaced Tiger Mike at Tiger Oil. If you don't know this reference, see

Anonymous said...

It would be so funny except that it is so very true all accross our country that it makes me want to cry.

Anonymous said...

"It's better to be overworked than unemployed."
L. Jacobs, at Town Hall meeting

"But being overpaid is awesome!! No, seriously ...not to mention the bonuses and perks and title changes and support staff and's the freaking best!"

OK, maybe none of the Administrators said that out loud but you know it had to cross their mind...