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Thursday, July 1, 2010


I have waited on the edge of my chair for the report from the disciplettes. I should have taken a nap. I have a few questions. 1. How does the addition of several hundred deans help our students? I see absolutely no benefit in any of this for our students. 2. I have been at this for 30 plus years now. Do I really need that much supervision? I don't believe we had that many generals in WWII. 3. If someone is going to serve as a steward over something, can't they be a wine steward? 4. If we are to be good stewards (there's that word again) of taxpayer money, how do we explain more bureaucrats instead of more teachers? I assume this means every secretary in the University will now be furloughed to help pay for the extra administrators.

I will now be a faculty member in the School of Human and Social Dynamics in the College for the Study of the Human Condition. Wow. And I thought I taught communication. These same people probably bought Nehru jackets, Yugos, and Leisure Suits. Those all had lasting vallue too.

Just in passing, The Ohio State University just collapsed five colleges into one thereby getting rid of several layers of administration. Guess what they're going to call it??? Are you ready for this??? The College of Arts and Sciences. And here we were actually ahead of the curve all along. Who knew?


None said...

Stop your ad hominem attacks.

zoroxyz10 said...

If you include Provost Hagget's salary with the rest of the disciplette paychecks, that nifty little CSO PowerPoint presentation with all the edgy graphics and neat-o buzzwords came from the concerted cerebral exertions of a cool $2 million worth of Divine Feminine brainpower.

You DARE to question the Divine Feminine?? Burn him!

Anonymous said...

disciplettes: an accurate cdharacterization! I just received my obligatory email from _ _ [].

When is she going to recognize that our president has violated UT Policy 3364-50-02 in forming this committee theway he has?

Anonymous said...

I hope the femputer in charge of this scheme realizes that we will be the laughing stock of higher education with the implementation of this scheme.

Anonymous said...

Yes, David. Stop those ad hominem attacks. Don't you know that None is the only person licensed to do those and discriminately call people racists and sexists?

Bad David!!

Anonymous said...

My comment is slightly more general, putting the situation UT is facing in the general framework of the corporatization of higher education. Please, for those of you that did not see it, here you can find College, Inc. the movie: