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Friday, July 30, 2010

Academic Search Firm Conducts Interviews for New Provost and Dean Positions

Please see:

Already one can see big bonuses in the offing.


Anonymous said...

Now I finally see what the ASC dean means when she talks about "changing the organizational culture around here."

Anonymous said...

This is insulting--to the Ibex.

Clifton Clowers said...

“For decades, the medical profession has debated whether pre-med courses and admission tests produce doctors who know their alkyl halides but lack the sense of mission and interpersonal skills to become well-rounded, caring, inquisitive healers.”

Hello. Dr. Jacobs. Please read this:

Improve the Human Condition by preserving and investing in the College of Arts and Sciences. Be the hero, not the chump.

Anonymous said...

There is only one reason that a senior administrator pays excessive salaries and bonuses to "underling" administrators: its called buying loyalty. If you pay someone enough, they become blindly loyal and parrot everything the boss demands of them.

sir lawrence said...

here is another item the good Dr. Jacobs should read:
"Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light" by the surgeon Leonard Shlain. Shlain's thesis is that artists prepare society for the advent of scientific revolutions.

Anonymous said...

We have endured four years of the “New University.” And what exactly is new?

The faculty hate the President. This is nothing new.

The President and his cronies have like “Pigs at the Troth” continued to fatten their wallets. This is nothing new.

The Board of trustees ignores the university for their own private interests. This is nothing new.

Revenues increase but internal budgets are cut. This is nothing new.

The students through their generous wealth and tuition continue to financially support the follies of the “Upper Administration Visionaries.” Again nothing new.

The Administration publishes how well they are doing but say nothing about academics. This is nothing new.

Old professors leave and are not replaced. This is not new.

Classes are cancelled because a) there are not enough students and b) there are not professors to teach them. This is not new.

The administration finds logic in the statement above regarding classes being cancelled. This is nothing new.

There are committees for everything but nothing gets done. This is nothing new.

So when does this become a new university? I am still waiting!