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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Alumnus Laments

My Alma Mater! Don’t Ho No Mo!

Don’t be that shell for easy cash!
Don’t twist my sheepskin into trash!

Don’t cop a bonus for your sins!
Don’t you be hiring tired has-beens!

Don’t fire poor folks that work the floors!
(And mow the lawns and mend the doors)!

Don’t shred the books that students need!
Don’t make this campus nurture greed!

I’ve watched your heart turn black as crow.
Don’t let Jake pimp you any mo!


None said...

wtF&&%%$)))))@&*)#*#^#%%$$$ yimmyyimmyyimmyPUKadataPUKadataPUKAdata (where's my mouse?) MOUSIEMOUSIEMOUSIE!!!!!YiYiYiYiYi!!DieDieDieDie! WhoookaWhookaWhooka!

Anonymous said...

You guys loves you your stereotyping, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Eminem's an Alum?
A stereotyping bum?