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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Les Femmes Nikitas!


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like Lloyd is being sexist here.

Anonymous said...

Here's the most recent denunciation from the Crazy Anonymous Emailer that went to perhaps 50 people in at UT. Enjoy....

Dear David [Nemeth?]

Following the disgusting post of a condom referencing the provost last month, you've now added (under your alias as Diogenes) to that sexist slander referring to the women leading discussions about a new university organizational structure:

In discussing a legitimate topic about the make-up of this committee, you compare these women to sexually objects, linking to a Web site that shows women as assassins in tight, black micro dresses and high heels. While I am no longer surprised by the disregard you and your colleagues Brian Patrick, David Tucker and others display toward women and minorities, I feel it is my responsibility to let members of the UT community know that your sexist, racist attitudes are still proudly on display.

The women you're referring to as assassins are exercising leadership, which may make you uncomfortable. But women have been leaders for quite some time now. Maybe its time to accept that even if you are more comfortable thinking of us all as prostitute-look-alikes. Your recent post highlights a trend that clearly indicates you and your colleagues see women as objects to be sexualized or derided based on their sexuality.

We need no more posts about condoms "for her pleasure" or sexualized fantasies. Naturally it's also offensive that you choose to refer to these women offering themselves up for leadership as assassins, seeking to murder the university. These women clearly care a great deal for this campus and don't need to be denigrated by you under a cowardly alias.

Once again, you take an issue worthy of question and discussion and destroy further intellectual discussion because of your childish erotica fantasies.

I'd ask you to remove the post and keep future fantasies and misogyny to yourself.

Anonymous said...

I think that Lloyd's obviously sexist decision to put only women on the hand-picked committee of twelve was inadvertent--the same way he makes all of his decisions.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd is saying "get the job done" but Lloyd is THINKING "push this baby through!" This must be the Llogic of the compsition of his committee.

zoroxyz10 said...

Re Crazy Anonymous Emailer:

Once again we have the pot calling the kettle black

Like fire and brimstone preachers, who are inevitably the ones who get caught stealing and whoring, those who squeal the loudest about sexism, racism, etc. are invariably the ones who are themselves filled with the most virulent sexist and racist resentment (Gloria Steinem, Henry Louis Gates, et al.).

These are the “progressive” people, the ones who in the name of scholarship and social justice have perpetuated countless outrageous and exceedingly corrosive lies – lies that have been absorbed into the popular culture as truth (i.e., “all men are rapists,” “all women have been raped,” Newton’s Principia Mathematica was nothing more than a patriarchal “rape manual,” a black man raping a white woman is a “reasonable act of political defiance,” “western civilization is a plague upon the Earth,” “all white people are devils…” ad infinitum, ad nauseum – e.g. Andrea Dworkin, Bell Hooks, Cornel West, Carol Gilligan, Homi Bhaba, Michel Foucault, Edward Said, et al.).

For a concise chronicling of some of these intellectual atrocities see the works of David Horowitz ( Tammy Bruce and Roger Kimball.

The average feminist or race activist doesn’t have a clue about the true origins or motivations behind any of these insidious agendas.

They simply like the idea of having someone to blame for their personal and/or professional frustrations – enjoy conforming and fitting in and having any reason at all to find personal validation and solidarity in being righteous and outraged about something – and relish the possibility of getting something for nothing (like maybe a brilliant pseudo-academic career entitlement).

But the rest of us are the real chumps in all this. We are the ones who out of a sense of guilt and misguided sentiments have freely enabled these thugs for decades and continue to enable them, to our own great detriment and the detriment of the greater good.

Most of us don’t have a clue about the history and ideology behind any of this stuff either – that’s why we’re so gullible – and that’s why many of us naively count ourselves in among the thugs, wrongly believing we’re actually in with the good guys.

Now, largely because of our own ignorance and weak-willed appeasement, even the academy, which of all places should be the epitome of reason, rationality, excellence, civility and intellectual and moral integrity, has instead long since become a toxic cesspool of politically correct groupthink mediocrity, vitriol, irrationality and entitlement.

Anonymous said...

"epitome of reason, rationality, excellence, civility and intellectual and moral integrity"

I see none of these virtues espoused in this blog. I see hate and vitriol and ignorance and pettiness. I'm just waiting for someone to make a joke here about Nina's medical issues. Cause that's what you guys do.

zoroxyz10 said...

The Seven Buzzwords words you need to learn in order to earn a PhD in Marxist-Feminist-Postmodern Theory:

Fascist, Sexist, Racist, Patriarchal, Logocentric, Hate, Yo-momma.

BTW – The folks responsible for posting the above referenced condom, the Caesar the Goat comic strips etc. missed their true calling as postmodern artists.

If any of this stuff had appeared in a contemporary art show or countercultural publication (appropriately contextualized, politicized and labeled “George W. Bush,” or “Jesus Christ,” or “Sarah Palin” of course) these guys would be hailed as “transgressive” artistic geniuses, on par with Damien Hirst & Co.