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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Accreditation News Submitted by Reader

The following recommendation urges your participation in the UT accreditation process. Thank you, to its contributor:

Every bad idea of the Jacobs juggernaut just moves ahead propelled by cleverly orchestrated abuses of power in a climate of fear that is seven-tenths manufactured in order to force compliance onto the workforce. It is hard to watch the Administration trap unwary students and their parents into debt slavery through its degree-mill business-model machinations.

This blog has tried every which way to “get the truth out” and alter the course of the “Directions” Strategic Planning process which privatizes and secularizes our traditional public education mission and invites and valorizes greed, corruption and mismanagement at its institutional core. This summer provides the Jacobs maladministration with its last window of opportunity to push through its Bad Plan in the absence of democratic representation and participation by University of Toledo and Arts & Sciences students, faculty, staff and alumni. This push toward implementation is scalawag power politics and not in the spirit of shared governance. It is probably illegal. But this blog can only disseminate breaking news, invite comment on current trends, and recommend action to concerned parties.

Official Higher Education Commission accreditation of our rapidly changing UT academic enterprise under the Jacobs administration is on the near horizon. If you do not know what this means in terms of its significance and implications to students, faculty, staff and alumni, you should make an effort to learn quickly:

You may wonder how you and your concerned colleagues as “third parties” to the accreditation process can intervene in the accreditation process in a timely manner to ensure that your own voices will be heard loud and clear. Federal law provides for this:

By submitting your comments online using this form your concerns expressed in your own words become part of the accreditation team’s official evaluation of academic achievement and trends here at UT and in the A&S College. Keep in mind that offered this opportunity no comment at all implies either your implicit vote of confidence in present academic conditions and trends on this campus or your endorsement of them.


Anonymous said...

Yea! Don't get involved or try to effect change on any of the majority-faculty teams putting in hours for the upcoming 2012 accreditation. Instead, look on and submit anonymous comments about how evil and awful this place is! That will help UT students be damaging the value of their degree. If we say degree-mill often enough, it'll become true!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I will use this link to make sure the HLC knows all about the racism and sexism of Brian Patrick, David Tucker and Jim Nemeth. This sort of poison may have been swept under the rug by the faculty and staff who lead the accreditation effort and don't want to show the dark corners of UT, but your link will ensure your bigotry is well know to for all to see about the hatefulness you espouse. But on the bright side, what a great tool to teach writing, right guys?!

Anonymous said...

Even better, I have a long list of e-mails I've sent and you've kept up all but one of your racist posts, so I can send them directly to your links.

Of course, for a body that is calling on universities to be economic development engines, your criticisms will be instantly dismissed... but mine about diversity and your bigotry should catch someone's eye.

Thanks for the link!

Bloggie said...

Note the following anonymous comments are posted just so all of you, gentle readers, can see how ugly some of the opponents of this Blog happen to be--and to what lengths they will stoop to slander or malign those who they even think disagrees with them. Bloggie believes these are "loyal" employees of this UT administration acting under orders. But Bloggie does not reveal all sources.

In any case, judge for yourself. But the "racism" and "sexism" claims always originates with this same voice. And they are always lies.

Anonymous said...

You know, so many of the problems are rooted in the policies of our corporatistic state that has been formed over the years. The loss of jobs, tax revenues, environmental disasters and along with it workers increasingly without a say in anything. The perestroika/gleichschaltung of UT is part of this. The end of the corporatism is clearly seen in what is going on in China. Will both our UT and corporate leaders be happy when this is achieved?

Anonymous said...

Just don't stop he debates I need to read it
all and sort. We all need it now.

Anonymous said...

The emphasis on MAXIMUM productivity, MAXIUM efficiency, and MINIMUM least for the underlings...all to make us into the perfect engine ie "machine."

Anonymous said...

I know! 40 hour weeks?!?! Working a FULL 9 MONTHS a year??!?!?! It's ridiculous!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"I know! 40 hour weeks?!?! Working a FULL 9 MONTHS a year??!?!?! It's ridiculous!!!!!"

Sincerely, honestly, absolutely, I would love it if I worked only 40 hours per week for even 12 months per year. That is the truth.

Ms WACamole said...

To Anonymous 12:57-

"bigotry is well know to for all to see"
... bigotry is well known for all to see ...

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) reminder: One way to improve your writing is to draft your comments initially as a Microsoft Word file. The automatic spell check and grammar check there will highlight your mistakes and deficiencies. Use these highlights if appropriate as guidelines to revise your draft. Then post your final draft comment on the Arts & Sciences College Forum.

Your readers will appreciate your efforts, and you will thank this blog for helping you strive to become a better writer!

Anonymous said...

I really don't think there are many faculty who work 9 months per year. Probably most work during the summer either teaching, doing research, or in other forms of gainful employment. Faculty who work 9 months at UT get paid for 9months at UT, and that's what their contract stipulates, so there is nothing wrong with it. If you want them to work 12 months, then pay them for 12 months, or do some have something against contracts and "market wages"? So quit whining and trying to pretend that faculty are somehow getting away with something. At the very least, students at tax payers are getting what they paid for and more often than not they get more.