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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Professor Heberle's Letter to BOT

This may be old news to some, but it is of interest.  The Collegian published Professor Heberle's letter to the BOT regarding President Jacobs'  proposed/imposed final step tenure interview. The comments are also of interest.   See:


Anonymous said...

The interview proposal is just one more example of the content-less grandstanding characteristic of this administration.

Anonymous said...

This history of crass grandstanding by Jacobs Inc. begins on his arrival with the "Year of No Tuition Hikes."

This free gift-to-the-governor dug a budget-busting hole at UT that now reaches to China. The YoNTH is one of the main reasons that JInc. threatens employee "furloughs" four years later. Employee furloughs, by the way, should be condemned as crafty revenue-enhancers thay are. They are mainly contrived to set a bold precedent (think "benchmark") for cutting main campus costs to the bone.

Furloughs are a groin kick to UT employee morale and solidarity. Furloughs rob both Peter and Paul to pay Nero, who grandstands with his violin while Rome burns.