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Saturday, February 27, 2010



Anonymous said...

Here, Here! Where can we get more information?

Anonymous said...

What's to protest? How is the Jacobs/Haggett restructuring plan for the A&S College a threat to public higher education????

umbraged said...

How is it NOT a threat?
Keep the real information coming!

Anonymous said...

Because the privatization of public education subverts the American democratic tradition. Managerialism in public higher education is driven by an ideology of efficiency that is particularly hostile to free speech. The business model in public education deliberately manipulates and marginalizes campus free speech space and its public forums. The business model in public higher education paves the way for local, regional and global totalitarianism.

Read here for additional insight into the insidious threat posed by the Jacobs/Haggett/4TNina restructuring plan for our Arts & Sciences College: