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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beam Me Up Scotty

An accurate description of the presentation by his eminence Dr. Scott Scarborough is below. An additional point I believe is worth mentioning. A slide was shown purporting to represent what Board of Trustees members read. While we were disappointed that this blog was not listed as being a part of their reading list, we are hopeful that was merely an oversight. (It should be pointed out that Dick Tracy and The Hulk were not among the cited materials either so we don't feel too badly.) The reading referred to new models in higher education and the unsustainability of the present model. While earlier in the meeting we passed a new minor in, of all things, Sustainability, the irony seemed lost on Dr. Scarborough. The point is what "new models" are they considering?

Evidently our esteemed Provost gave a presentation to the BOT that proclaimed a reorganization of the university. It would be nice if the faculty were let in on such a thing. It has long been my own point of view that reorganization is the last refuge of scoundrels. Any organizational structure works if you have the right people. No organizational structure works if you have the wrong people. Have you ever wondered why only higher education and the government have seen a growth in middle management? If the BOT really has "ideas" why not share them with those most affected--the faculty and students?

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Anonymous said...

I saw the presentation, too. It appeared grandiosely obscure in intent and design.