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Monday, November 9, 2009

Let me be clear

Just in case there was any ambiguity as to where Dr. Tinkle stands on the idea of personal interviews, I am deadset against them. We have spent the last thirty plus years attempting to take the "personal" out of the tenure process. We have tried to get all levels to approach the process on as unbiased a level as possible. That's why the dossier is the only document anyone gets to base their decision on. To assume that the president of this university is somehow endowed with super human powers to ignore any personal information in a one-on-one interview is nonsense. Just look at the deans' reactions to the idea. Everyone is scared to death to disagree with him. This emperor has no clothes and it is high time someone with more authority than Dr. Tinkle tells him so.


Anonymous said...

Why is it that the President apparently thinks it just to "personally interview" faculty going up for tenure, despite the fact that they have just completed a six-year long arduous process that had been agreed upon contractually in advance--when no one here at the University ever got to interview the President before he got the job?

Physician, heal thyself!! This seems like he has taken a hypocritic oath.

Professor Demeritus said...

Over the time that I have been reading this blog, a number of administrative actions have been reported that clearly violate the contract negotiated between the AAUP and the administration/Bot. So, when is someone going to take some legal action or is everyone just going to throw up their hands in frustration and capitulate?

Ed Tech said...

"Who so Pulleth Out This Sword of this Stone and Anvil has Integrity, and is Rightwise Tenured at the University of Toledo." –- Lloyd Jacobs, President (and Moral Compass)

Ted said...

"Up to this point, Dr. McClelland’s title as interim dean may have given the incorrect perception that the college’s strategic work would be put on hold. In short, we don’t have that luxury." ~ Rosemary Haggett, Provost

"Expediency is the enemy of integrity" ~ Confucius

Jeff Odelot said...

As a learning enchanted student here at The University of Toledo, I was shocked to read Provost Haggett's inchoate letter to our campus community concerning Dr. McClelland's status.

Her command of the English language does not seem to be up to par with her lofty position as an academic provost at the third largest state university in Ohio. Doesn't she know that paragraphs are made of complete thoughts? Her entire letter reads like a Twitter page, not a formal address to our entire academic community.

Indeed, what exactly does she mean by saying "Students increasingly are looking for colleges and universities that are able to evolve, adapt and transform themselves to meet the needs created by increasingly global competition." I truly have no idea what she is trying to convey by using this single sentence lexicon of buzzwords.

UT students are not exactly the top of the barrel academically speaking, and we need examples of proper English from our administrators. Please, Provost Haggett, stop the word barfing.

Anonymous said...

She's qualified to be dean because Big Jake interviewed her and said she's qualified! That's all she needs, so stop questioning her appointment, her decisions, and her english.

Ed Tech said...

Provost Haggett (not "dean") doesn't need your protective blather to earn the respect of UT students and faculty. She needs to demonstrate compassionate, thoughtful and creative leadership on a daily basis to win the hearts and minds of our students and faculty members. She need not be satisfied to merely swing the sledgehammer of authority invested in her appointed office on behalf of those Czars of Transformation appointed to still higher offices. Main campus students expect their deans and provost to be, each one, an exemplar of educational excellence. Quality-conscious students like Mr. Odelot have frequent opportunities to observe and evaluate and comment on the performances of their teachers. Why then should they be discouraged by the likes of you from evaluating at any time the performances of their highly-paid campus and college administrators? Perhaps you owe Jeff an apology.

Brilliant said...

Ed Tech,

I enjoy watching you guys' missing the sarcasm of each other's venom. You're attacking someone on the same side as you, Sherlock.

Ed Tech said...

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