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Monday, November 9, 2009


Please undertand it is easy to confuse me, but this time the administration has done a bangup job. Under section9.2.3.2 it says in discussing the dossier for tenure and promotion, "Thereafter , the file shall be considered sealed and all subsequent evaluators shall make their judgments based on the file as presented. All evaluating units have the right to request in writing to the member a clarification of dossier contents, but "clarification" shall not require additional documentation or materials to be submitted by the member."

There is nothing there to imply a meeting with the President. If the Pres. really wants to get to know the nontenured faculty, this is not the way to do it. This is also not the time to do it. To imply that the Pres. is somehow perfect and would never let any personal issues come between him and a decision begs the question, "Why then have the meeting at all?"

I don't really care what the administration's intentions are; we have a collective bargaining agreement that specifically lays out the process. They want to change the process. Then negotiate the change. I really enjoyed all the Collegian quotes from the deans saying what a great idea this is. Does anyone really believe a dean in this environment will disagree with the Pres.?


Anonymous said...

The whole reason tenure exists is so that faculty can have the freedom to safely speak out against the tyranical elements that threaten society, no matter where they be found. I suggest the tenured faculty at UT start speaking, and loudly!

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