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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dean's Letter

By now most of you have been able to read the Provost's effusive letter praising our present interim (sorry) permanent dean. While the letter explains she probably won't stay past next year there are no promises to that effect. There is likewise no promise of an actual search for a dean. Given the tone of the letter, I would not hold my breath waiting for a search. Also given the tone of the letter, one might think that on the eigth day Dr. McClelland created the college of Arts and Sciences as well as a global economy. This is difficult for us mere mortals to actually determine because we never really get to evaluate the gods. Dr. White has provided an excellent critique of the letter and I would ask all to thoroughly read it. Just one last point before I depart. What exactly got put on hold because her title was interim? What has not taken place (besides a real search) that would have taken place with a dean? If her leadership has been that effective, why does the title matter? (Perhaps an intended slap at A & S Council?)Inquiring minds wish to know.


Rocky said...

I am exremely concerned that this sets a precedent for appointing deans without any reason search process. regardless of her tenure as Dean, she is now a Full Dean and there has not been a search. She was appointed Interim because she was a "friend of a friend" or, in other words, a crony. Faculty must be more vocal in rejecting this type of process rather than legitimizing it.

Anonymous said...

Who was she a friend of?

Anonymous said...

"Who was (is) she a friend of?"

Isn't it ah...obvious? ;)