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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why a blog?

As we enter the post furlough period I believe it necessary to explain how important this blog is to the well-being of our institution.

1. It provides necessary commentary in immediate terms.

2. It is not controlled by any administrator.

3. It actually constitutes free speech for the faculty.

4. While the administration can claim increased enrollment cancelled the furloughs, it is much more likely that public disclosure and immediate response were the causes. No one had to wait for an A & S Council or Faculty Senate Meeting. Also those groups have department chairs as members. This blog comes from the faculty.

5. Ask yourself who might still be dean of A & S if this blog were not present?

6. For those who think the blog is a bit acrimonious, I would reply that we are not in the business of being nice; we are in the business of trying to save the liberal arts for future generations of UT students. We are in the business of trying to remain a university and not a community college.

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