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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A & S Meeting

Dr. Tinkle hears the latest version of Dean for a Day played out at the last A & S meeting. The executive committee had a resolution that thanked out interim dean for her efforts and asked that she see to it a national search takes place. The resolution also asked that she stay on in an advisory capacity after a new dean is choosen. It also agreed that she be asked to stay on next year to see that the search is done correctly and that the college runs with some efficiency while we look. It got sent back to the executive committee for reasons unknown. Here's the good Dr's take on this whole thing.

1. She's not Tom Brady.

2. Not having any real inside scoop on how the college office works, nor being privy to Deans' council meeting or even chairs meetings, I have no idea if our dean has talent or not. Some people I trust say she does.

3. I want a dean who can tell our president that the college does not have a social studies department.

4. I want a dean who values what I do. It has become painfully obvious that our president not only does not value what half of us do in the college, but assumes a trained seal could do the same thing--probably better.

5. I want a dean who can spell something besides STEMM.

6. I want a dean who understands that improving the human condition takes place in a lot of ways that do not entail science or medicine.

7. I don't know if the dean I'm looking for will take a job given the conditions here.

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