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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More gossip

Wow I love this stuff. Where are those birthers when you really need them? Heard some more stuff. It seems the last AA oops, sorry A & S Meeting got a little intense when discussion of the Interim Dean came up. Seems the powers that be want her for another year beyond this one. So, what's the Council to do? Say yes to a continuance of interimness (or is that interminableness?) Or should the Council say yes with a few provisos? How about a written committment to a search starting next summer? How about a written committment to more A & S faculty on the search committee than anyone else? How about they be faculty, not chairs, interim chairs, dean's assistants and assorted gophers? How about there not be any other deans on the search committee? Dr. Tinkle sees a conflict of interest there. There are all sorts of possibilities. Heard our present interim dean got a tad miffed at the discussion. Here's Dr. Tinkle's incredibly unbiased, accurate, Fair and Balance Bill O'Reilly type view. Since having arrived during the presidency of James McComas, the good Dr. Tinkle has been regailed by a wide variety of Presidents, interim presidents, Provosts, Vice Presidents for Academic Affairs and other do gooders. The number of deans and interim deans must go into the thousands. My point? Long after all these folks have left (despite their longevity bonuses) the one constant has been the faculty. We are left to pick up the pieces of whatever get rich quick scheme has been promulgated on the faculty. We are promised the next best thing since sliced bread. What we are left with is more like stale bread.

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