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Friday, May 22, 2009

Of General Interest...

Bloggie cannot attest to accuracy or if these numbers reflect total compensation.


horns n' fins said...

1) Is Bill McMillen's position part-time? If it's full time, in relation to others that high up he's working for peanuts!

2) Dean Lettman might actually be the only UT administrator to legitimately claim that perhaps he is being paid "under market value." Of course he has a doctorate in an academic discipline (Psychology) as opposed to one of the professional fields and he has actually taught college courses, so for Jacobs that probably lowers Dennis' worth as an academic adminstrator.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, Bloggie. A quick tally shows that these 23 people account for more than 5 million in salaries. So, comparatively speaking, this alone equals one-third of our short-fall. A 20% cut in these salaries would save us at least one million. This doesn't even count the benefits. My next question is: how much did we save by cutting the 90 or so occupied positions in the last set of layoffs? [Oh, by the way, did the University offer help with medical insurance for those people who were laid off? After all, we have this great medical campus...] Then, I'd like to know where the money budgeted for the the 200 or so vacant positions went? It obviously was not spent on salaries, but did it get shifted around somewhere? Did it get reabsorbed and for what?