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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bad PR

Did the good Dr. Tinkle hear correctly? Did His Greatness actually say he was undervalued? Did he do this while announcing layoffs? Wow, I supposed this means we've changed the Mission and Vision and whatever they are statements. No more helping the human condition, lets destroy it.


anonymous 2.0 said...


More like feed off the humans

Anonymous said...

We need to take a poll of the students. My impression is that in this student-centered university, many are very unhappy with the Jacobs Administration's ruinous antics.

I Am Watching said...

Re undervalued Jacobs.

Although he claims all this money is his market worth, that is just an unwarranted and empty claim. There was no search, national or otherwise. Nor was there any resort to any market. Jacobs was hired on some inside back-room buddy deal, by all appearances, completely bypassing any market.

If there had been a search he could make this claim. But as is, It is hot air, for which there also appears to be a market. Maybe that is where the school for renewable energy comes into play. Hook him up to a windmill

Interested Student said...

Wasn't Jacobs the president of MUO? Would it make sense to merge two schools and have a president completely unfamiliar with both of them?

Anonymous said...

so we just have a president who is unfamiliar with the biggest of the two, and who appears to despise the liberal arts and humanities?

Sorry, Interested Student, there should have been a search for a qualified president with appropriate experience and aptitude.