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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The finality of it all

We now know the names of those folks escorted from campus to help cover our leader's spending binge. We all have friends among those given the ax. Some had more than twenty years of experience. That's a lot of knowledge and history--gone. Be nice to know where 17 million dollars went. But wait, just today we received a message from the big shot. It seems we are in talks with St. Luke's Hospital. Oh boy. A "due diligence" team has been formed. Oh my god. How many people will be fired this time? For anyone who actually still believes that the liberal arts has a prominent place here at UT or that this institution even cares at all about such things, pay attention. It is past time we started demanding answers from "the man behind the curtain."


Anonymous said...

I know of one person who has over thirty years service to this institution and is eligible for retirement. I don't believe this person was offered the same deal as Chuck Lehnert: retire one day and get rehired the next. But as Lloyd said, we don't do that sort of thing very often around here, just for the select few...

Anonymous said...
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Ted said...

This new era of "due diligence" (Alas, arriving too late to spare some popular Student Services employees!) includes a cast of thugish characters straight out of a James Bond movie (e.g., Mr. Biggs, Scarbrow ...). "Due diligence" according to my dictionary is defined in the first instance as “The care that a reasonable person exercises under the circumstances to avoid harm to other persons or their property.”

Knock, knock.
"Who's there?"
"Mr. Biggs and Scarbrow."
"Who sent you?"
"The Reasonable Lloyd Jacobs"
"Please come in."
Blam! blam!

Anonymous said...
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L said...

Is anyone else having flashbacks to the Kapoor regime when an entire campus was re-engineered to suit the vision one individual had for this institution?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else concerned about having the CFO of main campus also be CFO of UTMC? What happened to the firewall that was supposed to exist between the two ends of this institution? Having one CFO means money can more easily be shifted around, with no oversight. I predict that the university is going to have a HUGE shortfall next year while the hospital will be adding new facilities. I also wonder why this announcement was made in the context of the announcement of a potential partnership with St. Luke's. I am not even getting a whiff of benign intent here.