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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mission Statement (continued)

I appreciate those who responded to my question about the mission statement. One said the transformative part is now included in the vision statment. I guess visions and missions are different as are core values. I suspect there are differences there, but they hardly matter. The second respondent asked if this was a coy way of asking if mission statments are relatively useless. My response is, "that depends." It depends on whether the mission statement is so wide as to drive a truck through it or whether it actually makes a measureable statement about who we are. Ours strikes me as the former. When the mission statement was being debated I wrote one of my own and submitted it. I got the "thank you for your input" letter in response. I offer it here now.

The University of Toledo Community claims the right to examine the past, present and possible futures unfettered by the doctrines of governments, religions, or other dogmas. We claim the right to information, freely sought and freely shared. As such, we use as our guiding principle the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

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MikeP said...

Nice mission statement. I think the "freely" may have been the sticking point.