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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Mission Staement

I went to the University's web site and typed in mission statement. It took me to the mission statement and the university's core values. The question I have is, when did they remove the line "The University of Toledo is a transformative force for the World"? Perhaps it just never got changed on the web site or perhaps our mission has been changed.


horns n' fins said...

The "transformative force" clause appears in the Vision Statement:

"The University of Toledo is a transformative force for the world. As such, the University will become a thriving student-centered, community-engaged, comprehensive research university known for its strong liberal arts core and multiple nationally ranked professional colleges, and distinguished by exceptional strength in science and technology."

MikeP said...

Your post just seems like a coy way of saying that Mission Statements are basically just a lot of empty words. Too true.

Perhaps a better way to think about the university mission is to answer these questions:

1. How much time did you spend this week doing mindless bureaucratic tasks vs. time spent making new discoveries in your discipline?

2. How many times this week did you see that look in a student's eye which signalled the "aha" moment when they really got what you were saying?

3. If the answer to #2 is none, what can you do next week to make it happen?