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Monday, February 1, 2016


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Anonymous said...

Keeping in mind the the majority of the spring enrollment is in YouCollege,and in fact is from the state mandated high school College Credit Plus program with those high school students taking UT courses for which the University is receiving only $40 per credit hour in tuition and a reduced state subsidy rate (same situation for all other public colleges also having CC+ students enrolled), so there is no major influx of new tuition dollars from the net total student enrollment increase spring 2015 to spring 2016.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me say this one more time. We all need to work together to increase recruitment and retention. What the central administration does or doesn't do is roughly half of the game. It is easy to identify, easy to praise or blame. Equally important is what we all do together, how we promote UT, how we interact with students, how we go the extra mile to be helpful. We are all recruitment and retention specialist.

In my department there are about 75 faculty, staff, and graduate assistants, yet when it comes to recruitment events, community engagment opportunities, and other ways to help promote UT it is the same seven or eight of us everytime. Being a great teacher and/or a great researcher is not enough in today's new world.

Oh and spare me the BS that you don't get paid to recruit or worry about retention. If that's how you feel, please do us all a favor and quit or retire.

We talk so much about shared governance. It is high time we also talk about shared responsibilities.

Bloggie said...

12:37 you seem to imagine that you are the only person who works around here. Bugger off, from all of us who are beneath your bizarre threshold of perception.

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with 12:37p as way too faculty are involved with enrollment recruitment and retention in their programs. They may be great teachers or advisers, but few are actually helping to bring more students into their degree programs.

Anonymous said...


I seem to remember a certain recent president who implored the faculty to play an ambassadorial role for UT, to speak well of the institution, only to have fall on very deaf, very selfish ears.

Of course, the faculty should be involved in student recruitment and retention. There are all kinds of activities that would be beneficial in attracting an outstanding undergraduate student body. They can give talks on their research at high schools, participate in on-campus recruiting events, and/or contact admitted students to urge them to attend UT.

But asking UT faculty to engage in such heavy lifting is akin to trusting your average cardinal to give good dating or marriage advice or your average Mormon to make a good martini.

Most faculty appear more interested in rearranging deck chairs even as a financial iceberg looms.

Tamara T. said...

Your memory is malfunctioning. That certain recent president was notoriously too arrogant to implore any subordinates or employees at any time. He dictated this, that, and the other with capricious glee. He embraced creative destruction and vindictively burned down the church of arts and sciences to discourage, demoralize and spread fear and scatter to the winds its congregation of critical faculty. He was a bad boss and no local hero rose up from the faculty ranks to successfully challenge his callous, unprincipled, overlong mismanagement of main campus affairs. Nevertheless,the contracted heavy lifting accomplished by our UT faculty in research, teaching and community outreach was entrenched and persevered against that well-known Adversity at the Top. Pride vanquished Prejudice. Good students have and will continue to choose UT because our faculty succeeds at their profession, and our faculty's professional reputation remains solid even though that certain recent president did his very best to casualize their professional integrity -- and ultimately failed and fled. Thank Goodness for Boggie and the AAUP for outlasting the Long Siege. And you, 6:08, and every other brown-nosing shill of the late far-from-great administration who is still around, can just shut your face and go pout.