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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Meanings of Graduation?

Snuggies Will Serve as Academic Gowns of the Future

The main thing is that looks do matter!  UT stands tall. (Photo courtesy of T.)


Anonymous said...

Bloggie, if we still had military conscription — ah yes, who can forget those halcyon days of the late 1960s and early 1970s — you could include a picture of a horrified grad with a low lottery number who has lost his 2-S student deferment and is now 1-A opening an letter from his local draft board ordering him to report for his pre-induction physical. I still remember mine at Ft. Hayes in Columbus.

Anonymous said...


Yes, there are problems in higher education, especially public higher education and in particular at the University of Toledo. Yes, some of those problems have been self-inflicted. If UT is so god damn bad, tell us what YOU are doing to improve UT besides posting childish cartoon and pictures. What are YOU doing for your students, for your discipline, and for the community? How are YOU working to make UT a better place besides moderating this now worthless blog? I'll admit years ago this blog served a vital role, but recently? Sorry no.

I for one can't take this constant negativity, axe grinding, and the kicking of dead horses.

If, however, this Blog is some sort of social experiment to prove that given enough time all blogs de-evolve to the lowest common denominator then my apologies.

Bloggie said...

to 8:19 pm--It's a Rorschach Blog.

Anonymous said...

To 8:19:
If this blog is so useless, negative, and pointless, why do you continue to read it and contribute to it in such a negative way?

Anonymous said...

At a time when UT is cutting its budget and has jettisoned dozens of employees in recent years, it’s instructive to see that the UT Foundation is in the business of creating cushy, big-bucks jobs for its eleemosynary bagmen.

From the Jan. 4 myut: “When Barbara indicated she was considering retirement, we both felt that it created a tremendous opportunity to expand the UT Foundation’s geographic footprint,” McCrimmon said, noting that Tartaglia-Poure will be based in Florida much of the year in line with the growing trend for institutions to expand their successful fundraising efforts with staff members stationed remotely in strategic locations.”

Talk about a soft retirement landing pad. Where can I sign up for such an agreeable sinecure?