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Saturday, December 12, 2015

How it's Done at U of Chicago

The University of Chicago's policy on free speech is worthy of emulation.   See:


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I agree. It is certainly good, maybe even very good, but I wonder if we could (or should) do better.

There's a very fine line between free speech and hate speech. Too often, IMHO, free speech is exploited to promote hatered. I wish there was a way to adhere to the principles of free speech and still be able to restrict hate mongering. Free speech or not, there is no place, for example, for a Klan rally in Centenial Mall.

If I recall, Germany has quite a few laws restricting freedome of speech when it comes to NAZI propaganda. Are the Germans really less free because of it?

Just thinking out loud.

Anonymous said...

C’mon folks.

A free speech problem at UT?

The great thing about the First Amendment is that it gives the right to everyone to be jerks and engage in hurtful speech if they choose. It's a right that must always be vigorously protected

What better example than this blog, accurately labeled as a “mean-spirited screed” by the last president. Faculty blog posters have made a career of anonymously insulting, offending, libeling and verbally abusing vice presidents, college deans, and numerous faculty members for the last seven years.

Anonymous said...

If you liked reading sychophantic blather about the pantheon of fools populating the Jacobs Inc. mal-administration and its pantheon of heroes, or anything about dogs, or the folly of labor unions, or how to bake an apple pie, or obituaries, then read the Toledo Blade instead of this humble blog.

Bloggie said...

Ah, the last president. That was the simulated presidency, as Bloggie recalls. And UT will be paying for it for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Just to be clear, is Lloyd Jacobs still president? I am buying calendars for next year, is it about to be 2011? Or can I just use my 2010 calendar on this blog forever?

Anonymous said...

The main campus was slimed for eight years and remains toxic. Many employees are still asking "Is it safe?" Turnover of notorious slimeballs loyal to the previous administration continues at a slow pace and is not yet complete. Meanwhile, the BOT still seems wedded to advancing the corrupt business model in local higher education.

Hold off on buying a new calendar for this next year because Bloggie archives has twelve swell photos/illustrations to accompany its own 2016 wall calendar. It will feature some of the most prominent tragi-comic clowns and toxic antics of Jacobs Inc. and their dastardly deeds done during its hundred-month Rain of Error. And it will be free.

Anonymous said...

College reorganization is back. Feel the excitement.

Catchy new names for new schools.

New work orders for the sign-making department.

New, four-color org charts
Is your heart racing?

The new president says she feels it.

How about new school chairs and college councils for academic Rocketdom?

Or cost savings from the elimination of deans’ positions that can used for flashy blue shoes for the football team.

New college constitutions and bylaws that contain little-known codicils to put fraternities on” double-secret” probation.

New headaches for the Registrar’s Office.

Is the fun back at UT? You bet. 2800 Bancroft Street today has more buzz than a one-winged bee with the announcement.

College reorganization. Feel the excitement.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You guys have spent years outraged at the injustice and wastefulness of the way Jacobs broke apart the colleges. Now Gaber does exactly what you've claimed to have wanted and you're outraged by that. The truth is outrage is you default awake setting.

Bloggie said...

To anonymous 8:18: Are you an idiot? Who is "you guys?" Various people comment on this blog, and as you may note Bloggie even generally accepts comments from idiots such as yourself. So try to be more specific. Bloggie tolerate idiots, otherwise she could not possibly function in a university environment, but sees no reason to promote their nonsense. Bloggie certainly isn't outraged, just bored with your snail-like perspective.

Stanley Workman said...