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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What "Power Struggle?

Today's Independent Collegian reported on a "power struggle" between Faculty Senate and trustees.   Bloggie sees no struggle whatsoever.  Sounds like unconditional surrender by Faculty Senate. Maybe even wormish conformity.  


Anonymous said...

It reminds of those old days when the unions where fighting the thugs paid by the mafia. And we have not evolved: BOT (mafia) vs. FS/AAUP (union). The Question is whether this is really a "power struggle" or did we just come across just another piece of bubble gum journalism in IC.

Anonymous said...

Yes and this Blog is a microcosm of the UT weenie factor: posters moan and prattle on about how nothing is being done by faculty to evaluate/critique Jacobs and then when the opportunity arises they moan and prattle on about how dangerous it would be for them to evaluate him. Blowhards one and all. And, bye the way, I did fill out the evaluation and, bye the way, if anyone asks me publicly the same questions I give the same answers. I haven't spent all these years studying democracy and living in one to run and hide from a survey that's done every year.

Anonymous said...

Good for you! You exercised your freedom as you believe you should. Now let's see when you will be shown the true results...or you may just see what they feel like showing. This debate was about a venue, and not one's liberty to exercise a vote.