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Thursday, April 4, 2013

UT-AAUP Lays Out Options

The following is a cut-and-paste of UT AAUP's most recent bulletin concerning the Jacobs Regime.  Readers might note that President Jacobs' administration earned unambiguously failing grades in the recent poll by Bloggie.  This suggests that one can be a nice guy, but a bad university President.

Step One: Evaluate
Dr. Linda Rouillard, UT-AAUP Executive Board
Donald K. Wedding, UT-AAUP Executive Board

A significant number of faculty have asked the 
UT-AAUP to call for a strike against Lloyd Jacobs. 
Although we are impressed by the large number
of such requests, a strike is not an option at this
 time. We are under two collective bargaining 
agreements and cannot legally call for a work 
action such as a strike.  Informational picketing 
is under consideration,but not a strike.

Faculty are also calling for a vote of no confidence
 on Lloyd Jacobs. This is under consideration. 
First, all faculty should participate in the
 current evaluation of President Lloyd Jacobs
 and other administrators. The turn-out in the
 evaluations needs to be strong if we are to consider
 a vote of no confidence and picketing.

Some faculty apparently do not want to participate
in the evaluations because of a Jacobs "fear factor". 
This is precisely why faculty need to take Step 
One: Evaluate. As a reminder, here is the link that
 will take you to the evaluation:
Please note that the evaluation instrument does
 NOT ask any questions related to your specific 
college, department, program, or rank. Please 
report any problems with access to the evaluation
 to  with the subject
 line "admin review problem".


some guy said...

I'm not faculty, but I'd be happy to help with informational picketing.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the concerned warning abut the evaluation venue in the other thread needs revisiting: This is not simply a "Jacobs fear factor" but also the lack of transparency. How long did it take to get the HLC accreditation report??? You will never see the raw data for this evaluation.

Those in Faculty Senate are primarily tenured with little to worry about the backlash from the regime. They should have set up the survey on an independent instrument with guarantees for transparency (for administration as well as faculty to view finalized, verified, certified results) and anonymity. I would not rule out that some FS insiders may have already been compromised since it is in the interests of this administration to use weak unions to get rid of unionized faculty and staff.

Warning again (from your loyal anti-Jacobs/Scarborough/Gold/etc. warrior): You fill that form out, not only will you lose anonymity but you will be identified through the vote code you get from the Big Brother UTAD system (because you will have to log in to get that code first), and you will be targeted. You cannot trust this thug-regime!

Read Orwell's 1984 if you have not done it again if you need to! This is not coming from the administration, and it is not a needless fear-mongering effort. There are many other ways to voice your opinion! The FS should have thought about a safer method! An independent survey should be introduced for everyone to participate because your free voices are most important.

Think! If the US President and Congress gets anonymous votes, some public servants at the state university level should not get any better treatment. Jacobs enterprises is a dictatorship -- do not vote on their terms and on their turf where you will be the only loser!

Anonymous said...

We must thank the "warrior" for this warning, but the Senate's call for evaluation is extremely crucial. It is highly unlikely that Mike Down or Linda Ruillard would be compromised by UT Administration -- they are also warriors -- although some others may be.

At the worst, it was short-sighted to present the current instrument to vulnerable faculty...perhaps an honest mistake. Faculty Senate: Can you publish the same evaluation on an independent domain, which would provide faculty with anonymity and UT administration with access to the raw data. It should not be public, so each faculty must get a code (but not from UTAD)?

Do this, and you shall have most faculty behind you.

Anonymous said...

Real brave of you - after 6 years you advise people to take a poll monitored by the administration? And you wonder why your influence and advocacy is greatly doubted?

Anonymous said...

Why do you persist to rain on our parade here? This Faculty Senate survey is the sweetest thing to come along since peeps-on-a stick. Skewering Jacobs and the rest of Jacobs Inc. is also long-overdue.

If the survey results prompt a v.of n.c. followed by some union informational picketing, then so-vi-et. These actions are long overdue.

Anonymous said...

The current evaluation of UT administrators is a way of using the master's tools to demolish the master's house. Faculty need to have the courage of their convictions: stand up, speak up. Now.

Anonymous said...

"Dear AAUP
Real brave of you - after 6 years you advise people to take a poll monitored by the administration? And you wonder why your influence and advocacy is greatly doubted?"

What AAUP poll are you talking about?

The Faculty Senate is conducting a review of Deans and Administrators - such reviews are conducted regularly by the Faculty Senate and this is not the first one done for President Jacobs. And yes it is independent from AAUP and not being monitored by the Administration, so stopping believing anyone posting otherwise as their only intent is to scare faculty from completing the survey. Faculty should
feel free and safe speak their minds via this survey.

Anonymous said...

I want to fill out the evaluation but feel really uncomfortable having to login to UTAD. Isn't there another way. I feel like the admins are thugs and bullies and will take it out of my hide if I really say what I think and they can figure out who I am.

Anonymous said...

"I want to fill out the evaluation but feel really uncomfortable ... I feel like the admins are thugs and bullies and will take it out of my hide ...."

If the AAUP is of any use at all, your union should be able to protect you from this sort of retaliation.

Anonymous said...

If you continue to have concerns about taking the Faculty Senate survey please contact leadership of the Faculty Senate as they have already stated that using your UTAD account to get an access code for the survey does not allow the two to be linked. Do not let fear and the misguided attempts by some posters on this board to stop you from expressing your views. The Administration is counting on a low return rate on this survey to discredit the results. You owe the institution and your colleagues to participate.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 5:17 -

The recent Bloggie survey did not require anyone "to login to" UTAD to vote. I hope you took advantage of that opportunity to offer your evaluation of President Jacobs and his administration. I expect the results of the Senate Survey to similarly conclude that there has been no value-added to the academic mission of this university after seven years of Jacobs at the helm. A hundred surveys might be taken. No one would be satisfied with the survey process but they would all reach the same conclusion. President Jacobs is a failure and has to go. The sooner the better.

Anonymous said...

We should not be trying to compete with other universities for diligent students seeking a quality academic experience at a reasonable price. We have more to offer than our competitors. Consider our main campus. It is unique. A river runs through it. A railroad runs through it. A hundred year tradition of academic pride runs through it. We can nurture these and other unique assets into a successful future as a State of Ohio public university of quality higher education.

Our tenured faculty have been around long enough to envision an alternative future to the misadventure called the Jacobs Plan, which has hatched recently a mini-me misadventure called the Scarborough Plan.

As a full-time faculty member of the University of Toledo I was angered and insulted by a full page ad run in The Blade from last week that accompanied a photo of smiling students standing in front of University Hall in their graduation robes that claimed “Ivory Tower? Not here … “.

Listen up: UT cannot spend millions of dollars on enlarging its Honors College to attract more talented students and simultaneously announce proudly to the public that UT is not intersted in being a research university and is proud of it.

Any talented son or daughter of any concerned parent will have the good sense to choose to enroll elsewhere simply because the leaders of UT speak out of both sides of their mouths and appear clueless to how clownish they appear running in and out of doors into brick walls like the Three Stooges while chasing lunatic pipe dreams of increased enrollments through inept planning.

It is high time that Jacobs Inc simply sits down with its expeienced and dedicated faculty, who can help it think through its demonstrated mismanagement of a unique university with a great potential for success:

“A river runs through it.
A railroad runs through it.
A hundred-year of academic pride runs through it.
Don’t run with the pack.
Run with the leader.
Choose UT!"

I’d like to see THAT in The Blade some day!

Anonymous said...

April 8, 2013 at 6:59 AM:

"The recent Bloggie survey did not require anyone "to login to" UTAD to vote. I hope you took advantage of that opportunity to offer your evaluation of President Jacobs and his administration."

The evaluation (not the Bloggie survey) DOES require UTAD login!

April 8, 2013 at 6:13 AM:

"If you continue to have concerns about taking the Faculty Senate survey please contact leadership of the Faculty Senate as they have already stated that using your UTAD account to get an access code for the survey does not allow the two to be linked."

Is there a policy document to this guarantee? Will someone like the CIO with a serious god-complex (Owvegho...sp?) bind his department to such a document even if there were one? All it takes is a fat bonus to his bank account and voila! the link happens like a charm. Don't treat people outside the Faculty Senate clique like they were born yesterday.

You (FS) and the UT-AAUP failed to guarantee security for a very crucial vote of no confidence! UT Administration will never release the raw data for FS/AAUP analysis. Just because most of you are tenured it does not give you the right to jeopardize the professional futures of those who may not be able to find employment elsewhere. This is a good case where political zeal (among some in the FS) has clearly trumped prudence. You can only re-gain the trust if you set this survey outside the UTAD/UT-administered zone.

Here is a possible strategy: reach out to all UT-AAUP members as well as PT instructors, issue each an ID#, set up the same evaluation on an independent survey (only count the responses with a FS/AAUP-provided ID), and that you can trust!

This vote is important: do not screw it up this time by taking faculty votes for granted. If we can start the process of skewing -- I love this phrase -- the Jacobs Mafia in a way that is legal and safe (the two are not the same; US law works for people with money...) then that is what we need to see after casting a vote of no confidence. With the UTAD system and its overpaid CIO, you will never get the raw data so you will never know what the vote was.

Anonymous said...

Why do people keep referring to the UTAAUP in regard to the Faculty Senate Admin evaluation? And why do posters keep trying to complicate what is a simple choice: fill out the evaluation or not. All the rest posted here is BS. The union has nothing to do with this evaluation, other than recommending faculty do it. This is a yearly evaluation. It's been done before!! And yes, if there is an overwhelming negative evaluation (which means lots of participation and lots of negative marks) then that would justify additional action - both by Faculty Senate and the union. If, however, you don't do the evaluation than at least shut up with the Jacobs criticism - since your not doing anything to try and improve the situation at UT and hiding under all this BS police state nonsense. And if you approve of Jacobs, then you should also do the evaluation. Faculty Senate is trying to gather data and opinion from faculty!

And as far as risk goes - give me a break. There is no risk. Fill out the evaluation or don't. Nuff said.

Bloggie said...

Bloggie recalls the platitude that a coward dies a thousand deaths.

But remember, too, the nail that sticks out gets pounded down.

Poor little professors, dilemma hung.

Will the worms turn? Can the worms bite?

Spring having sprung, the worm eaters are back.

Cats are happy, too.

Anonymous said...

We are interested in seeing the divergence in confidence views between the Main Camus and the Health Science Campus. How this President of less than 2,000 students became a president of 20,000 students (and their faculties) is a case study in historical rape and domination. Don Waaa

Anonymous said...

Gee,desperately needed faculty, secretarial, and service positions critical to the running of the university are left empty, are eliminated, or take for ever to fill....but they waste no time beginning the search for that's an emergency! Tells you the priority of our administration....sad, really sad.

Anonymous said...

You guys are gutless. People's around the world are fighting and dying to secure and protect their freedoms and, here, you are afraid to cast what is essentially a meaningless vote to protect yours. I am ashamed to have ever been a member of your group.

Anonymous said...

Re Anon “…a case study in historical rape and domination.”

Sing, O Muse, of the “historical rape and domination…”

In light of her recent outspoken public complaints regarding excessive (male) academic administrator salaries, it is hereby recommended that Ms. Dr. Surly B. Barnstormtrooper, PhD, be appointed Special Academic Prosecutor, tasked with launching a comprehensive campus-wide investigation into excessive female academic administrator pay (or, “rape and domination”).

A selected list of female administrator salaries is provided at the end of this memo.

Ms. Dr. Barnstormtrooper is herself the pride of UT’s own English Department, where she received her PhD.

Ms. Dr. Barnstormtrooper is currently a professor in the UT Department of Women’s and Gender Studies (a.k.a. “The Department of Rape and Domination Studies”), where she accordingly specializes in such timely and indispensable academic areas of expertise as suicidal poets, womyn and queer theory – for which she is paid the not untidy annual sum of $92K.

Ms. Dr. Barnstormtrooper is widely recognized for her faithful adherence to the well-known feminist dictum, battle cry and moronic bumper sticker slogan: “Well-behaved women seldom make history” – which we can succinctly parse as meaning in effect that if you are not a perpetually obnoxious, angry and misbehaved brat and bee-atch from hell, you simply have nothing worthwhile to contribute to contemporary society.

Clearly the precise opposite is true.

Be that as it may, Ms. Dr. Barnstormtrooper’s academic area of expertise makes her uniquely well suited to the task at hand (namely, rooting out all the “rape and domination”).

We look forward to Ms. Dr. Barnstormtrooper’s findings and recommendations for deep, across the board female administrator salary cuts being presented before an emergency joint session of the Faculty Senate and BOT within no more than thirty days time.

Respectfully submitted,

The Ad Hoc Campus Oversight Committee for Stamping Out Rape and Domination

Anonymous said...


Below is a list of the former all-female Committee on Strategic Organization (CSO) members, with their 2009 and 2012 base salaries and total salary increases since 2009 (former CSO members not included – former Provost Haggett 2009 pay $283K and Professor Ann Krause $41K).

Note: A number of those listed below have combined UT household salaries totaling roughly double the salaries listed, which puts them well into the 200K-plus range or higher total annual household income bracket.

Former CSO member Peg Traband, former Interim Program Manager paid $37,054.00 in 2009
– now a Vice-Provost earning $164,000.00 – plus 127K since 2009.

Former CSO member Professor Patsy Komuniecki – 2009 base salary $185,895.00
– now Vice-Provost $225,000.00 – plus $40K since 2009.

Former CSO member VP for Student Affairs Kaye Patten Wallace 2009 base salary $200,790.00 – paid $204,000.00 in 2012 – plus $4K since 2009.

Former CSO member Marcia King-Blandford, formerly Assistant Vice-Provost paid $85,999.00 in 2009
– now Vice-Provost paid $116,000.00 in 2012 – plus $30K since 2009.

Former CSO member Penny Poplin Gosetti, Interim Vice-Provost for Academic Innovation at a 2009 base salary of $143,336.00
– now Interim Dean of Education paid $162,000.00 in 2012 – plus $19K since 2009.

Former CSO member Professor Debra Davis – 2009 base salary as Art Department Chair, $102,244.00
– now Dean of College of Visual and Performing Arts paid $134,000.00 in 2012 – plus $32K since 2009.

Former CSO member Professor Beverly Schmoll – Dean of Education and Health Science and Human Services with a 2009 base salary of $230,331.00
– paid $283,000.00 in 2012 – plus $53K since 2009.

Former CSO member Jamie Barlowe, Dean of Language Literature and Social Sciences – 2009 base salary as Chair of Women’s Studies was $106,662.00
– 2012 base salary $198,000.00. – plus $92K since 2009.

Former CSO member and Professor of Science Education Charlene Czerniak – 2009 base salary $213,213.00.
– paid $313,000.00 in 2012 – plus $100K since 2009.

Margaret Hopkins, Associate Professor of Management 2009 base salary $105,758.00
– 2012 base salary $157,000.00 – plus $152K since 2009.

The combined annual base salaries of these ten female administrators totals roughly $1.7 million, with the combined annual salary increases for the ten administrators since 2009 totaling roughly $686,000.00.

Wow! That sure adds up to a lot of rape and domination!

A few additional randomly selected female administrator salaries include:

Brenda Grant Associate VP Provost’s Office 126K

Karen Bjorkman, Dean Natural Science and Math 202K

Lakeesha Ransom, Dean Honors College 185K

All salary info taken from Public Employee Salary Database here:

Anonymous said...

"You guys are gutless. People's around the world are fighting and dying to secure and protect their freedoms and, here, you are afraid to cast what is essentially a meaningless vote to protect yours. I am ashamed to have ever been a member of your group."

I think you are comparing apples and oranges: people around the world are fighting for basic human rights since they have got nothing else to lose. If this meaningless fight against the Jacobs/BOT mafia is so little in comparison, then why is faculty up in arms??? Some have dependents and no other place to work if it ends here, or are some senior faculty ignoring this fact? Get real!

The argument is not about the courage to evaluate; this is about the futility to go up against a tank with a knife. So is doing the admin evaluation on the administration's terms and on their turf. You obviously have not experienced life in non-democratic societies to criticize the timid.

The issue is about the FS/AAUP offering a venue for a fair fight. You want to skew this administration, yes we all want that. But we want to see the results and raw data, not something that the mafia has cooked up...because that is what yo will get through the UTAD site. You will not see the results until they have sanitized the results. How long did we have to wait for the HLC report??? I still doubt that is the real one.

So, how will you know if there is a real case for a vote of no confidence??? You will need real and reliable data that you can certify and publish to the whole world!

We need to fight this mafia, BUT fight it the smart way! UT is our ground zero, so we must start connecting there, not only on this blog.

Anonymous said...

You are gutless. You claim that people losing their lives for freedoms have nothing to lose... If you really believe that, you are very shallow. Get real? I have been there and I have paid my dues. I have seen families broken, tortured and murdered for standing  up and doing what they thought was not only right but was legal under the law at the time. And yet you have the nerve to talk about the futility of a knife vs. a tank?

You haven't even challenged the administration and you won't even vote for worry that a vote cause you to lose what you have. Give me a break. You are in a peaceful country with strong laws against these kinds of actions that are enforced. Try doing this in China, in Pakistan, in Thailand, in Africa or in a number of South American countries and I might have some empathy for you.

You act like this is the first evaluation... It is not. There have been several before this on, even one conducted by the BOT during my few years under this administration. They all have said the same. You have the data or can get access to it. I saw them before leaving UT. If you do not know where to start, start by asking ProfessorDowd, Professor Floyd or Professor Roulliard (spelling?) 

But there has been no action. You don't need another evaluation although it will support what has been found in previous years. But you don't even have the courage to do that. 

I moved on to better things because 1) I had the opportunity to do so and 2) because the situation at the UT was not improving largely because any positive efforts were being neutralized by faculty members themselves. While I have good friends at UT and I sympathize with want you're going through, I am happier and much more successful now that I have moved on. 

You are your greatest enemies. Despite the history that has existed at the UT during and since Kapoor,  you elect people to the Faculty Senate that want serve the administration. In fact, I think you let the Deans chose who will be elected. Witness the candidates from the College of Engineering, Medicine and several other colleges. You allowed the Committee of Twelve set your agenda. And the very leader of that chaebol was once the Chair of the Faculty Senate, a fellow faculty member. And you did nothing effective to challenge that even though the very Constitution of the Faculty Senate was violated. UT-AAUP at least filed a lawsuit but the faculty themselves did nothing. Fight smart? You don't even lift a finger to defend yourselves.

I don't think you have the will to change.

Anonymous said...

Dream on if you think you'll get support for a vote of no confidence. We all agree it needs to be done, but "not now"--or for any other reason. Everyone's too scared. We'll all be scared out of our jobs this way.