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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

In the Running for Dean of One of the 13(?) New Colleges

The Secret Selection Process is Underway.  You Will be Notified of the 
Results if You Have a Need to Know. 


Anonymous said...

Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky. Unfortunately, at UT, most of the time we are subject to luck, not to reasoned, carefully crafted decisions.

Anonymous said...

Guess what you see on the photo: UT's best-kept STEM secret -- the new and fully inbred/nepotized Rocky! STEM scholars (not necessarily UT professors) created this innovatively engineered genius that will save money (over those useless unionized faculty and staff).

This clone can turn into an honors student while still in middle school, then a dean in one college later, then quickly into a provost on a short notice. The versatile test-tube Rocky is our future. Rejoice Toledo, Ohio, America, World: Superman is Back!

Anonymous said...

At the higher levels, UT's luck has been mostly bad: the bad luck to have a succession of greedy administrators and incompetent trustees. Ut does have the good luck, however, to have loyal faculty, staff and students who have kept this institution going in spite of its bad luck.