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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ideal Christmas Present for BOT and UT Administration Members


It just might help.  As seen on TV!  Earwax remover! 


Anonymous said...


From a 12/24 article in the Blade about UTMC:

The Physicians Clinical Faculty’s 2010 federal tax returns list $74.1 million in total revenue and $73.7 million in expenses. The firm’s attorney, Mr. Devaney, said the 2011 returns were not complete because the organization had filed an extension.

The 2010 return listed Tammy Scarborough as the principal officer. She is the wife of Scott L. Scarborough, UT’s provost and executive vice president for academic affairs.

Anonymous said...

And then Llodie talks about inbreeding... WTF!

Anonymous said...

Inbreeding? Call in nepotism! This is how the device works (this is an ear-to-ear nepotizer/inbreeder): if you are a member of the UT illuminati follow the instructions below -- print this message for future reference:

1) place in ear (remove any hearing device, earwax, or other obstruction first)
2) turn it on (in vibrator mode)
3) enjoy the tingling feeling and procreate the future UT illuminati

If you are not a UT illuminati (that is not inbred or nepotized) then simply stay away from this device, as it will not help you. Return any unused or found nepotizers/inbreeders to Scotty's headquarters.

Anonymous said...

Would not recommend this device. Too strong, and it could suck out any brain fragments the administration still has. Though I suppose it wouldn't make much difference anyway.