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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

While I was away

Good golly Miss Molly: Having spent the last four days at the Broadcast Education Association in Las Vegas I was unable to respond to Jon Strunk's reasoned response to my cheap shot at the Collegian. I sincerely hope things work out so that the student newspaper remains truly independent. Just a couple of quick items: first it might have been nice if the journalism faculty of our department, some of whom have been involved with the Collegian, were brought into the loop especially as regards the selection of the new advisor; second, for those of us who were here during the Kapoor era and remember the events surrounding the leaving of the Collegian, the move back raises some concerns. Time will of course tell whether I should be worried. Until then I wish nothing but the best for the students involved.


Anonymous said...

I heard you were in Colombia staying at the Caribe. Next time take more than $30 (Oh! I forgot; you are not a UT administrator but an underpaid peon of a professor).

Anonymous said...

Vigilant oversight of any bureaucracy is always needed

(sorry if a bit off topic)

We literally burn countless billions each year on a huge bonfire of government fraud and waste - which could be saved and redirected into effective and much needed infrastructure improvement, education, crime prevention etc. etc. at UT, in Toledo and across the nation, with only a little common sense oversight.

How is it even possible for a petty bureaucrat to embezzle $30 million from a small town (see below) or for MF Global to "misplace" billions in investor funds etc.?

Some insider Wall Street watchdogs and whistle blowers were pointing at Bernie Madoff and crying Fraud! for years - but nothing happened.

The financial malfeasance locally at TPS went unchecked for years because nobody was checking the checker.

The endless stream of government financial corruption scandals reported in Toledo, on Wall Street, in Washington DC etc. are only a tiny, tiny tip of the iceberg.

Instead of granting them blind trust, taxpayers should look upon government and other institutional bureaucracies and administrators with the same due diligence one would use in monitoring convicted violent felons on work-release.

Trust but ALWAYS verify.

Anonymous said...

The search committee for Dean of the college formerly known as A&S has been announced.

Lee Pizzimenti, professor of law and associate dean of students in the College of Law, will chair the search committee. Other committee members are:

• Dr. Thomas Barden, dean of the UT Honors College;

• Dr. Rupali Chandar, associate professor of astronomy;

• Dr. Willie McKether, assistant professor of anthropology;

• Dr. Douglas Leaman, professor and chair of biological sciences; and

• Karen Gallagher, PhD student in the Spatially Integrated Social Sciences Program in the Department of Geography and Planning.

Anonymous said...

Great news for LLSS. This committee deserves our support. If all goes well, UT could also look into replacing the following:

-- UT President (and cronies)
-- BOT
-- [fill in the blank]

Anonymous said...

It's unfortunate you didn't have internet in Las Vegas. I hope broadband expands that way soon.

Anonymous said...


Bloggie said...

Some might say that more than half of all university administrators are over-employed.

what does it even mean to say that someone is over or under-employed?

Is this more flap trap nonsense from those who have been seduced by hermeneutics beyond their wit's meager capacity?



Anonymous said...

No doubt many administrators in higher ed, government (GSA etc.) and elsewhere are vastly over-employed and/or over-paid for what are essentially useless and meaningless elite quid pro quo busywork jobs.

However, if someone bothered to spend the time and money earning a college degree in whatever field, it is probably safe to assume that if, after graduating and seeking work, they are earning vastly less than the average salary of someone with said college training and/or are working in a non-related unskilled job and/or are working less than full time – that they are unwillingly un- or under-employed by definition.

Likewise, any family in which the major breadwinner(s) is unemployed or earning a significantly less than adequate wage to support the family - that breadwinner(s) would again be regarded as un- or under-employed by definition.

Hermeneutics does not seem to have much to do with the plain facts here - though hermeneutics or “spin” may have much to do with the various explanations of cause and effect related to (un)employment figures.

Anonymous said...

God! What a boor! Bloggie, ax this administrator-mole who was sent to sink this blog under blather and crapola! This is not a freedom of speech issue. See through the fake facade of this idiot puppet and notice where the strings originate that jerk it around.

Anonymous said...


Rather than trying to sink this blog with the blather and crapola of your idiot puppet fake facade of attempted censorship through anonymous name calling and false innuendo, why not exercise your own free speech by posting a valid counter-argument or something "more interesting" yourself.