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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hey, It Could Happen!


Anonymous said...

Can we afford to pay her more than Gold or only more than Jacobs?

Can we get her to replace Jacobs?

Anonymous said...

Yes, we could...only, UT needs to let Lloydie, Goldie, and the Cronies go. There is probably more leadership and intelligence in Dr. Rice alone than all these together.

Anonymous said...

I heard an NPR interview with Dr. Rice where she played a Classical piano piece very beautifully. Hey, it could happen that we may finally have an administrator who is a human being with a real soul, artistic, and very articulate...something I could not say about our current top leadership and their BOT buddies.

But this is still a case of over-inflated top-level administration with an obscene amount of money taken away from other critical areas at taxpayers' expense just to buy political favors with the right-wingers.

Time to send Dr. Rice a message about the vitriol she may be experiencing if this goes through!

Anonymous said...

This isn't exactly on topic, but -- this week I've worked with several UT staffers at Carlson, Grants Accounting, and my own department, and their competency and professionalism is really admirable. The head of this institution is almost literally eating its body in a strange ritual of self-cannibalism, but in spite of that, our staff continues to perform at a level worthy of any major research and teaching university.

Bloggie said...

Bloggie simply must comment:

Hire her, if possible. Beg her to take the position. Don't send any stupid emails warning her of anything. How very wonderful it would be to have someone of demonstrated ability in a key institutional position.

And stop all this inane left/right nonsense. You are both idiots. Both views are distortions. Dear readers, you have no idea how many comments Bloggie has received containing leftist and rightist delusional views on this subject.

Bloggie would like to see some lucid remarks.

Anonymous said...

In response to 7:04am:

I agree. UT survives because of dedicated staff, faculty and students. Your image of "self-cannibalism" as an illustration of what Lloyd Jacobs is doing to this institution is right on the mark.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we should be so lucky. I don't agree with much of her politics.

But a provost who reads War and Peace in Russian, writes books, and gives piano recitals...well, we can always dream, can't we?

Anonymous said...

Well, she does strike you as the ideal candidate for a well-rounded humanist provost. We need one to give the Humanities faculty the respect they deserve. Not talking down on Dr. McMillen of course, but he's leaving (while others should be)! Now, if we could just find similar ones to replace the others... I'd really like to call that a goal, not just a dream.

Anonymous said...

If we want to change the culture we need fewer surgeons. I suggest a scholar as president and for Provost at the HSC we get a pediatrician or a family doctor. (and get rid of the Chancellor moniker)

Concerned HSC Faculty member

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Chancellor title for one college is way too over-scaled. Entire university systems get ONE Chancellor, but in the Jacobs regime, you can get away with no degrees and big titles; you get big bonus for failures -- and this is the administration that wants to take on a business model???? Maybe you want to make UT too big too fail at taxpayers' cost???

Hey Jacobs, Gold, and Co. of Cronies -- what does it feel like to be Toledo's laughing stock??? Perhaps you can consider a circus to be the next model for UT where we can all laugh at you at your own expense? It is only matter of time before that happens... I would step down now and disappear if I were you before scandal comes at you. There is stuff on Wikileaks, and it ain't pretty.

Anonymous said...

El Circo del Toledo
Cirque de Toledo

"Welcome back my friend to the show that never ends" -- Join the presidential Tour de Farce!

Anonymous said...

Final thoughts on Dr. Rice: She was Chevron exec. before joining the Bush regime....sorry...some call his two-term regime "presidency"

So, is she CondOILeeza Rice? Does UT really need an oil exec to suck up more of Ohio taxpayers' money???

I bet, both oil and a $750K per year salary and a longevity pay that would make Goldie, Chucky, or the BOT goon squad feel useless UT will sound like music to her ears if she accepts.

Maybe they can designate a full floor in U-Hall with Secret Service or a private security detail (courtesy of Halliburton, British Petrol, and other environmental criminals). We will need a Visa application just to view our faculty records -- unless a FOIA request with a top-secret security clearance will be necessary just to see her.

Look on Jacobs: perhaps former Brazilian president Cardoso may be more suitable! He may remember what a library is supposed to be like.

Anonymous said...

Well, she ain't coming, but Scott Scarborough (not nearly as pretty) may, and do not expect much of him. He'll be a highly paid doormat for the Jacobs regime... "Step right on me, Lloydie!" reads this new welcome doormat.