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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Synergy Boots

Newspeak move over! You can't make this stuff up:

. . . President Lloyd Jacobs said the proposed plan will build synergy and creativity and is a student-centered plan for a student-centered university.

“If we do this, the synergy I believe is great,” he said. “The energy will make it worth it. The creativity will make it worth it. The ability to hear voices in the organization will make it worth it.”

And below find even more.  Perpetual strategic planning?   

From: Jacobs, Lloyd 
Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2010 11:19 AM
Subject: Implementation of Board Direction

Yesterday the Trustees of The University of Toledo pointed us in a new direction.  They clearly stated their resolve and commitment to excellence and their willingness to take risk for its achievement.  It is now for us to carry out their mandate.   

I wish to reiterate that Institutional Structures are about human relationships and are one tool for the implementation of strategy.  As we begin implementation we must recognize “Directions 2007” and “Directions 2010” as our clear guide(s) to the creation of our future. 

There are literally thousands of decisions ahead of us.  What are the first steps?   Who will be appointed to leadership roles? How will they be chosen?  What will be the milestones, the metrics, and the deadlines?  When will former structures cease to exist?  How will we attain unity of purpose?  When will we know when we are finished? 

I think we need a pause to reflect and think.  I plan not to take any significant implementation steps for the next month.  I would like to have some initial personnel actions and other steps ready for the December 6 meeting of the Board’s Academic and Student Affairs Committee.  In the interval I invite your input and action. This should not be seen, however, as an opportunity to reopen the debate on whether or not the university should reorganize its academic structure. 

Individuals, students, faculty, and staff; ad hoc groups, college counsels, The Senate, Deans, Chairpersons, Vice Presidents; please think about the best way to implement.  Send your ideas.  But, most of all perhaps, you can say “here’s a way to do this and I or we will get it done.”  Let’s try for not only action items, but action itself.  Everyone is empowered to “just do it.” 

In so doing, keep in mind our institutional values; read the current draft of “Directions 2010” and the HLC Self Study.  Remember we must be fiscally responsible. Remember our commitment to diversity.  But feel free, indeed I urge you to move ahead.  Attached please find a listing of the Colleges and Schools which now exist by virtue of the Board’s Action yesterday. 

Finally, I urge the College Councils and the Faculty Senate to become implementors.  Where Administrative action is needed please call or visit.  I promise I will keep an open mind for the month’s moratorium.  Thanks.    lj  


Anonymous said...

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Autocracy is Shared Governance.

Anonymous said...

None is All.

Anonymous said...

Jacobs and the BOT are great leadership.

Anonymous said...

So why is it that certain voices haven't been heard in the current organizational structure? It's not because people aren't speaking up. It's because administrators aren't listening and the deans haven't been synergistically collaborative.

Anonymous said...

I am certain that another layer of "leadership" will increase the likelihood that faculty, staff and students will be heard. And by the way, I am willing to sell my deeds to the Brooklyn Bridge for any reasonable price.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for all the new letterhead to come out. I keep forgetting what college or school or whatever I am in.

Lucas said...

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Anonymous said...


Please inform our governor that you would make an excellent trustee for our university.


Anonymous said...

I may be wrong, but I think this is where things get really tricky for the administration and the board. They commanded these drastic changes from above and now expect the faculty and staff to positively implement them. I don't know how this is possible, given the way things were done. Also, even if one wanted to positively obey, the "vision" is so inarticulate and vague, one would not know what to do. I really do wish all turns out for the best, for the sake of the taxpayers, the students, and the faculty and staff who have made a genuine comittment to the university, but I have my doubts....good luck to those trying to orchestrate this all from the top...

Anonymous said...

Worth a look:

Anonymous said...

Perhaps some of you have seen this in the Chronical.

Let's all congratulate Tobin Klinger and his staff in the Ministry of Truth and Justice for their hard work.