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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Arts & Sciences Council Votes Unanimous No Confidence In Jacobs Partition Plan

The resolution as passed by Council on Oct 5:

Resolved that the Arts and Sciences Council has no confidence in the reorganization plan proposed by President Jacobs on September 24. Its most serious problems are that it:

  • was developed without input from elected faculty representatives
  • was developed with little input from departmental chairs
  • was developed without input from students
  • was presented without calculating the costs
  • will make interdisciplinary cooperation more difficult
  • will set the sciences, languages & social sciences and arts in competition for resources
  • will threaten the writing across the curriculum program
  • will harm international preparation by threatening the study of foreign languages
  • will endanger reaccreditation in 2012 by the North Central Higher Learning Commission
  • lacks data to show it will improve learning
  • lacks clear goals, objectives and benchmarks to assess its success or failure   



Anonymous said...

"Good leadership doesn't manipulate behavior but captivates the heart."
David Mathis about John Piper, For the Fame of God's Name, p44

Anonymous said...

The benefit of this plan is that it gives the Prez an abilility to place more of his cronies in high paying jobs paid for by student tuition.

Anonymous said...

Has there been any action by any other college (school, group, silo or whatever we are calling them today)? Has the faculty senate had an opportunity to meet to discuss the process for reaching a decision that the president has used?

sir lawrence said...

HSHS has issued a memorandum objecting to the plan. the faculty senate executive committee met with dr. J on tuesday, and mr. fall (BOT chair) on thursday of this week. a full report will be given to senate on the next meeting, 2010.10.19, in SU2592.

Anonymous said...

let the great work begin here....