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Saturday, June 20, 2009


The eternal flame of cronyism still burns bright
And sheds on our works a garish light

We labor with love, to make our own fate
And then is appointed some second rate

Burma Shave?
Or is it "Shave 'em Dry?"


Ted said...

Plastic business
on the skids?
Come torment those
who teach our kids.

Rocket Shave

Ed Tech said...

Eleven Alternative Second Careers for a Good Listener:

1. bartender

2. prostitute

3. taxi driver

4. marital counselor

5. choirmaster

6. Brad Pitt

7. guide dog

8. God

9. interrorgator

10. gator

11. wabbit

_ said...

Seriously, what we need are more faculty shouters, firebrands and bomb throwers.

Bloggie said...

Some think we need administrators with forebrains and the ability to use tools.

_ said...

I've seen no evidence faculty would recognize or be able to comprehend such things if they saw them.

Bloggie said...


Just the other day, I saw a faculty member trying to prop open a door with a forebrain. Definite tool usage. Ask the anthro people. Of course he couldn't have gotten it, either the brain or the idea, from an administrator.

So this raises the question of the origin of the said forebrain. I think we need to take this up with the janitorial or facilities staff, if they haven't all been fired already. Maybe it belongs to a consultant.

_ said...

I'm increasingly certain this entire blog is an administrative tool to ensure they have something to point to to guarantee faculty and their concerns are never taken seriously.

I find it difficult to believe faculty would so willingly surrender the label of adulthood to the administrators they are trying to short-circuit.

Bloggie said...

It's merely a channel. A person would have to be an idiot to imagine that what is said here represents all the faculty. Even UT administrators may be smarter than that. And these administrators never did take faculty seriously , not from day one when Jake arrived with his MD bag, cellphone (so he could talk to the Mayor) and big wind prescriptions.

Save your admonitions. Why don't you propose something "serious" to these administrators and see how they pat you on the head and then do what they want. Don't worry that they won't respect you in the morning. They don't respect you now.

You should look up the phrase, "reality testing mechanisms."

umbraged said...

All along we had a hunch:
Now here's a brand new "Brady Bunch."

A half-hour sitcom it won't be,
No, this is our reality.

yo, duh! said...

Of course Brady's going to be a good listener. What choice does he have? Most (if not all) of us has seen Jacobs silencing others by bullying.