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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Library Purge Accompanies People Purge

Bloggie says, "Think Fahrenheit 451."  No more books in the administrator-centered university!

The following report was forwarded by a reader.  

Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 16:47:59 -0400
From: "Martin, Juan"
To: "Thompson-Casado, Kathleen S." ,
     "Emonds, Friederike" ,
     "Dick, Warren H." ,
     "Semaan, Gaby " ,
     "Lepeley, Oscar C." ,
     "Cheng, AnChung" ,
     "Hara, Joseph" ,
     "Hottell, Ruth Ann" ,
     "Martin, Juan" ,
     "Rouillard, Linda"
Subject: Carlson evaluation of monographs

Dear colleagues,
In the last couple of weeks I have been meeting and in contact with the
librarians concerning the revision of the library collection. The process
is going to be different from what we were informed some months ago. The
process will be as follows.
The collection is being evaluated in its entirety for the first time. The
librarians envision a core circulating collection, that is, items used
repeatedly and extensively for classroom assignments and research. They
have decided upon a basic policy ? if an item has not circulated in the
past 9 years, then it is evaluated for placement at the Northwest Ohio
Book Depository or withdrawal. Before an item is ever withdrawn from
the collection, they check for existing copies at the Depository, for how
many copies are available via Ohio LINK and if the title exists on a
standard core collection list. These standard collections are based on
the 2002 Best Books for Academic Libraries and the 2007 RCL: Resources
for College Libraries ? some of our librarians have contributed to the
latter. I have some reservations about this process (for example I could
not find a section on linguistics in the 2007 RCL: Resources for College
Libraries, we the instructors know what we are going to need in the
future for our classrooms, etc.) and I have asked for the lists to be
evaluated by us too.
The evaluation is starting with sets (titles that have multi-volumes such
as, vol. 1, vol. 2, etc. ? because they appear to have little to no
circulation). I have attached the particulars regarding the sets
evaluated to date. There are two lists: one of sets to be sent to the
Depository and another one of sets to be withdrawn. Please examine the
list and let me know if any of these sets should be kept at the library
or not withdrawn. Please consider the criteria that they are using (see
above) in your evaluation. As soon as they send me more list I will be
forwarding them to you.
A second and even more important issue is the budget freeze on new
acquisitions. I have noticed that none of the books that I have requested
to be purchased for the library in the last months have been acquired.
The librarians have confirmed this action. (They have assured me
that  the budget freeze on new acquisitions is across all disciplines.)
The situation is not clear at this point for next fiscal year, and they
told me that they will keep us informed. Anyway I consider this is very
serious. If the university cannot purchase up-to-date materials for our
research and teaching how are we going to fulfill our mission? I think
that this issue should be discussed by the Executive Committee of the A &
S Council, Linda, as we talked, and may be other venues.
Please send me your evaluations, comments and reactions. Thanks in

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I hear they are going to burn them in a bonfire on the mall.