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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Participant

Most of you who have read this blog on a semi-regular basis are familiar with Dr. Tinkle. Dr. Tinkle is on hiatus primarily as a result of a smear campaign and because he believed his presence may have been hurting the blog more than helping. Before leaving he asked that I relate my interview experience. I did that and then asked that others do the same. I also asked that anyone with a comment about what I had to say should e-mail me. Since that time no one has come forward to discuss their interview and only one person has e-mailed me to comment on what I had to say. That's really too bad. Those of you who were not chosen to participate should be outraged that so little information has come to you.
I must also say that I find it a touch strange that the chair of Arts and Sciences Council believes this blog should not have anonymous contributors while at the same time we seem unable to get those participants in the round table to come forward with a synopsis of the interview process (anonymous or not). Why are they keeping this particular light hidden under a bushel basket?
While I have chosen to identify myself there are several reasons for blog anonymity. First, the participant may not have tenure. Second, given a certain level of vindictiveness shown by some faculty and administrators there may be a fear of retribution toward the department or the faculty member (tenured or not). Various people at a university have various agendas. One's comments may or may not fit with those and as such inadvertently create a rather hostile work environment. I will not judge another's reasons for remaining anonymous. I will welcome their participation and comments just as much as one who fully identifies himself/herself.
We are now entering what is and for the foreseeable future will be a difficult time for the college. We need your input. We need your participation in this process (anonymous or not).
As my dear sweet mother always says, "You either stand for something, or you stand for nothing at all."


MikeP said...

You foresee a difficult time ahead. What would you say represents the biggest challenge for A&S? Finding effective leaders? A shortage of resources? Re-establishing trust?

Odysseus said...

The only thing I have heard re review process is that the person who conducted the interview was charming and friendly. And we have yet to see any "work product" of the alliance, so outside of the Zemsky book's rather fortune-cookie like advice, e.g., be market smart and mission centered, we have no idea what this "strategic assessment" could possibly be or look like.

Welcome David Tucker, good comments, and you too, mikep.