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Monday, September 22, 2008

The interview

Dr. Tinkle knows that Larry has sent an e-mail out to all explaining what went on in the interview, but bless his heart he has it all wrong. I have it on good authority that interviewees were thrown into a darkened room, had one bright light flashing in their eyes and were forced to listen to Donnie and Marie records for an hour. At this point they confessed to the following items:

1. Forcing the move from quarters to semesters.
2. Being behind the hiring of Vic K.
3. Telling Dan Johnson that the merger was a great idea and how he could sell us all down the river.
4. Encouraging the Board to NOT do a national search because an ex-marine surgeon was a perfect fit.
5. Telling admissions they should really recruit more Lucasville alums.
6. Being in charge of the Browns offense.

Actually even under duress they did not admit to that last item.

While LAH gives a fairly decent rundown of the interview process, (so I've been told) it does strike the good Dr. Tinkle that perhaps a meeting dedicated strickly to a discussion of the interviews would have been a good idea. It is probably important to ask these folks real questions about what they believe the college should be doing and how the college is going to get there. After all, they do represent us.

Finally, my sources tell me that Ann Duffield was very plain about this not being a college evaluation. That word has been tossed around a lot. For those of us who grew up in the sixties, think brainstorming session. LAH is correct in that this is or should be, just the beginning. Dr. Tinkle, however, still has this little voice saying, "The administration will read into this whatever it wants."


ASC Blog Facilitator said...

There have been some interesting attacks on the existence of this blog from a few ASC members and others, but take note of something: This is the only MEDIUM in which you have so far found straightforward description of the roundtable process and matters relating to it. Even the 9/23 ASC meeting has been canceled at which A&S faculty might possibly have discussed and increased our mutual understanding of this roundtable process/ritual and how it is unfolding. I am finding it worrisome that the Zemsky people call it a "conversation" while the UT administrators are calling it a "Strategic Assessment."

sir lawrence said...

this is great! our blog facilitator, brian patrick, has taken it upon himself to make the blog his own! i do have to correct a few of his comments, however;
a) some of us, including myself, had been arguing for non-anonymity restrictions on the blog. others, including brian, had been arguing for allowing anonymity. i do not feel that this argument is an attack, per se. we will bring it up at the next council meeting. marshall your thoughts.
b) the 9/23 council meeting was not canceled- it was never on the calendar. no room was available in early august when the schedule was set up. back then, the schedule of the "assessment" was unknown, so it is coincidental that the interviews happened near the time of the missing meeting. brian had plenty of time to argue for a meeting but never brought it up until 9/23.
i did get upset when i saw his comment here, as i think he stepped out of bounds as facilitator for what is not his blog. gosh, i even yelled at him in an e-mail. if he had used his own name or even a pseudonym, it would have been different.

ASC Blog Facilitator said...

Oh dear. . . Maybe we should take down the blog, as some advocate, for now that Lawrence has said something on it that I didn't like or agree with, this suddenly seems like an attractive idea,

just to make explicit what the above sarcastic remark is intended to point toward , conversation leads to knowledge and understanding, conversation being a type of confrontation wherein people have different viewpoints which they hold to for certain reasons and circumstances. And somtimes people say things with which you disagree and in ways you don't like them. But often if the conversation is pursued, the participants arrive somewhere worthwhile.

Good report Dr Tinkle! And our thanks to Dr. Tucker. I would love to see more from other interview participants.