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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Informal Poll on Interim Dean Preferences

The new poll is unofficial, informal and incomplete. It carries no official weight, but seeks merely to inquire. No one on it has been formally nominated, no one has self-nominated to be on this list, these are simply "persons of interest" whose names have been mentioned in various email communications discussing possible candidates over the past couple of days. And there may well be others who should be considered for the job whose names do not appear on the list. You can put them down as "write in" candidates under Comments if you wish.


lawrence anderson said...

good idea, b.f.!

Diogenes said...

It is a good idea ... but it doesn't b.f.

horns n' fins said...

Three comments:

1) Winning this poll may be a "kiss of death" for that person's chances of being appointed. I imagine the upper admin doesn't want anyone who is too favored by the A&S faculty and Council in particular because it would look like we have some power.

2) Upper admin likes to appoint Alice Skeens to most everything, for example as faculty advisor to Athletics when they where having their "troubles" last year. Since Alice was appointed as interim associate dean right before Lee resigned, I assume that she is being groomed for the interim dean position. We shall see.

3) Other candidates I would like to see on the short list are Holly Monsos and Jamie Barlow.