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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Blog Facilitator Flexes Virtual Muscle

All right... I have heard and read enough.

Re the Magic Bus Post. Virtuous emails are flying all over the university, each one more righteous than the last, each sender more outraged than the last. A party who complained, justly I believe, denounces the magic bus cartoon but at the same time sends thousands of copies of it by email to the world.

Arts and Sciences Council's Executive Committee, which met this afternoon and discussed the cartoon, did not post the cartoon. Let that be clear. It was posted by a faculty member. This is the nature of a blog. People post things.

Arts and Sciences Council XC has denounced the cartoon. A letter from Executive Committee to this effect and detailing its reasons is posted above.

Now as Blog Facilitator I do not work for A&S Council or follow its directives. This blog is independent and merely provides a service, a forum, which may be subject to misuse. But I agree with concerns that the post does not further the purposes of the blog and that it offends. I remove it in way of correction.

Blog Facilitator

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