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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Departments to be Eliminated

It would seem there is a list somewhere that has departments that don't graduate enough majors or are redundant to the region.  It would be nice to know the hit list and the criteria being used to create such a list.  It is to be hoped that these departments/programs will be given a fighting chance to show why they should not be eliminated. 


Anonymous said...

My understanding that there is a state mandate (by law) that requires all public universities in Ohio to identify academic programs will low number of graduates and programs that are duplicated within your region (for UT that is BGSU). The Provost has indicated such lists are currently being prepared and will be shared/discussed with Faculty Senate.

Anonymous said...

Concerning today’s editorial in the Blade, (”Openness will serve UT better,” January 29,2017) which criticized UT for the financial shenanigans going on in its Athletic Department, it’s heartening to see that The Blade’s editorial writers have seen and made reference that highly acclaimed 1970s higher-education
documentary "Animal House.”

But I’m really disappointed the editorial didn’t have a stronger close, a line that would really clinch their arguments.

Something like, “The time has come for someone at UT to put their foot down and that foot is Sharon Gaber’s.”

Anonymous said...

Really no comments? Let's try this again. Please share your source for that alleged list of departments? That sounds very much like rumor mongering in the spirit of Fox News.