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Friday, June 17, 2016

Art Leaders Call for Mass Meeting

A Visionary Leader?

The manifesto, however, remains inarticulate, unknown.

Perhaps the below will help in way of an example, a very small excerpt from Vladimir Ilyich Lenin's "What is to be Done? Burning Questions of our Movement."

We urged the necessity of carrying the class struggle into the rural districts in connection with the fortieth anniversary of the emancipation of the peasantry (issue No. 3[20] and spoke of the irreconcilability of the local government bodies and the autocracy in relation to Witte’s secret Memorandum (No. 4). In connection with the new law we attacked the feudal landlords and the government which serves them (No. 8[21]) and we welcomed the illegal Zemstvo congress. We urged the Zemstvo to pass over from abject petitions (No. 8[22]) to struggle. We encouraged the students, who had begun to understand the need for the political struggle, and to undertake this struggle (No. 3), while, at the same time, we lashed out at the “outrageous incomprehension” revealed by the adherents of the “purely student” movement, who called upon the students to abstain from participating in the street demonstrations (No. 3, in connection with the manifesto issued by the Executive Committee of the Moscow students on February 25). We exposed the “senseless dreams” and the “lying hypocrisy” of the cunning liberals of Rossiya[26] (No. 5), while pointing to the violent fury with which the government-gaoler persecuted “peaceful writers, aged professors, scientists, and well-known liberal Zemstvo members” (No. 5, “Police Raid on Literature”). We exposed the real significance of the programme of “state protection for the welfare of the workers” and welcomed the “valuable admission” that “it is better, by granting reforms from above, to forestall the demand for such reforms from below than to wait for those demands to be put forward” (No. 6[23]). We encouraged the protesting statisticians (No. 7) and censured the strike-breaking statisticians (No. 9). He who sees in these tactics an obscuring of the class-consciousness of the proletariat and a compromise with liberalism reveals his utter failure to understand the true significance of the programme of the Credo and carries out that programme de facto, however much he may repudiate it. For by such an approach he drags Social-Democracy towards the “economic struggle against the employers and the government” and yields to liberalism, abandons the task of actively intervening in every “liberal” issue and of determining his own, Social-Democratic, attitude towards this question.

  Get to it!


Anonymous said...

It is simply amazing how a serious factual inaccuracy has been allowed to remain part of the narrative of history of the MCO-UT merger and Dan Johnson’s career, an inaccuracy that again has been perpetuated by The Blade in its story today, “Merger anniversary feted.”

Virginia Commonwealth University, located in Richmond, Va., did not—I repeat—did not merge with the Medical College of Virginia.

VCU was established in 1968 as the result of a merger between the medical school and something called the Richmond Professional Institute.


It was not a merger between a big, urban longstanding undergraduate university and a medical school.

I know no one fact checks anything anymore, but can we get this right. Please.

Anonymous said...

Re: "What is to be Done? Burning Questions of our Movement."

Try eating fewer jalapenos.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is obvious in meetings that the Arts people are fiery.

Bloggie said...

The berets make them hot-headed.

Anonymous said...

Boggie, as our hard working faculty correspondent, we are counting on you to provide a first-hand account at the meeting where a member of the arts faculty pulls off his/her right shoe, stands up, brandishes the shoe pseudomenacingly at a startled colleague who had the temerity to disagree, lambasts the colleague for being “an administrative lackey for President Gaber” and bangs the shoe on the desk.

Also make sure to report whether the shoe is a woman’s stiletto, a man’s brown loafer or Birkenstocks, the official shoe of UT academics.

Anonymous said...

I think they want to "collectivize" the budget of the Communication Department so that the rich Kulak farmers can no longer exploit the proletariat artists.

Anonymous said...

Denounce the reactionary counter-revolutionary paper tigers! The people must be allowed to produce expensive ceramic ash trays in profusion, each according to his own ability, providing someone will fund this.

Anonymous said...

The last administration wanted to neuter you all by pulling you apart. Who knew the most effective way to do that would be by putting you back together. Do let me know if Arts or Communications or Humanities or Social Sciences ultimately win. Surely that victory will finally solve the inexhaustable anger you have for this university.

Bloggie said...

Dr, Bloggie thinks that you are projecting, anonymous 6:13. You now owe Bloggie five cents $US for this diagnosis. And Bloggie loves everyone in this place, snake pit or not.

Anonymous said...

What are the Arts chairs in such a tizzy about? Not only is Art in the name of the new college they also have a separate Art school within the new college. More than the humanities and social sciences have. And can someone please remind chairs and faculty in the Arts (and Communication) that LLSS did not seek out a merger, in fact the discussions were started by the President with the Dean of COCA and their leadership discussed the merger and worked on their plan months before LLSS was even officially told by the President that a merger was being considered and only then did LLSS start on their proposal - again a proposed merger LLSS did not seek out nor wish for. So why did the Arts chairs recently ask for and get a meeting with the President - for a merger already at that point approved by the Board - exactly what are they asking about and what concerns do the poor arts chairs and faculty have that the rest of CAL do not???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:53. The arts chairs are mad because they aren't get any big bucks from ProMedica.

Anonymous said...

of course no one on main campus is getting any big bucks from ProMedica

Anonymous said...

The arts faculty can sleep easy at night.

ProMedica is going to buy the Toledo Museum of Art so that it can ring TMA with still another set of "ProMedica" green neon lights along Monroe St.

As part of the purchase, ProMedica will sweeten the deal with some bucks for the UT artistes.