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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Public Comments Concerning Presidential Candidate S. Gaber


Anonymous said...

wow, by far she gave the best presentation I have seen by all three candidates, covering a wide range of topics and how her experience would come into play. She would make the best President, but I lack the confidence in the Board to make the right choice by selecting her. The fact that she has recently been a finalist for other university Presidential positions at institutions larger and more renown then UT shows others have also seen her potential. Great if she would come her and major loss if Board does not select her

Anonymous said...

I think an argument could be made in favor of each candidate, but I think she would be the best choice by far.

She seems pragmatic, date-driven, and engaged with the greater community in a positive way.

Thanatos said...

Agreed! Her presentation was dynamite! The diverse audience demonstrated their approval on multiple occasions, with rounds of applause. If our BOT doesn't offer her the position, they will have some serious 'splainin' to do.

Anonymous said...

She is an exceptional candidate. Many talk about what they would do, but she has already accomplished many of the things that the UT community wants. Her accomplishments are impressive. She would be a tremendous ambassador for the university. Also, how often does a presidential candidate say they enjoy raising money?

Toledo has had some very average, and a few bad presidents over the last 40 years. My hope is that the BOT will offer her the job on Saturday, and that all of us can finally see the real potential of UT.

Dave Tucker said...

She is the best by leaps and bounds. She has done at Arkansas the things we need done here.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Gaber is the one who can help us turn UT around. If the Board is smart, it will make her an offer. I hope she can see the potential here that we see if we can just get a qualified president. I believe that Dr. Gaber is that qualified president.

Anonymous said...

After seeing the presentations of all three candidates, I put together a simple ranking method based on their background experiences and depth of knowledge, what they have actually accomplished in their current or previous positions, and how do their skills fit UT.

My opinion:
#1 Dr. Gaber
#2 Dr. Wheatly
#3 Dr. Howard

Anonymous said...

Dr. Gaber is by far the best candidate. She gave more than just canned answers. The list of items she has accomplished so far is remarkable. The experience she could bring to UT is truly amazing. I hope those making the decision make the one the is in the best interest of the entire community of Toledo.

Anonymous said...

With the coronation of Sharon Gaber as UT’s next president apparently now underway—may I have another flute of champagne, please—a brief history lesson.

Dr. Gaber, as well as the two other finalists, want to continue UT’s strong commitment to the city and region and stressed that the UT president should be visible and involved in the community.

That’s not exactly a new idea or approach at UT.

A long line of UT presidents, starting with Asa Knowles back in the 1950s, and more recently presidents Dan Johnson and Lloyd Jacobs, has strongly and passionately enunciated the idea that the fortunes of UT and of the city are inextricably linked and of the importance of community partnerships and that UT is “Toledo’s university.” Their involvement and leadership in community, state and national organizations were exceptional.

Community engagement has always been an integral part of UT’s proud mission as an urban research university, part of the UT “brand.” Last month UT earned a prestigious 10-year community engagement classification designation from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, considered the gold standard when it comes to university community engagement recognition.

Whoever is selected as the next president will need to be sensitive to UT’s current economic situation and strategic in his/her thinking about allocation of scarce resources for community engagement and outreach, particularly funding for economic development initiatives. No one wants to see UT ever again roll the dice and piss away $10 million on a risky venture capital fund like Innovation Enterprises, Inc., with no tangible results. As we all learned, positive returns are anything but guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

“She stepped right up with the other two. I think the good news for the University of Toledo and its community is that we have three very, very good candidates,” said Joseph H. Zerbey IV.

If that's the way Zerbey truly feels, then I fear for UT. BTW, who goes around putting IV after their name?

Zerbey and the entire board should have resigned after being enablers in the Jacobs fiasco. Now we are supposed to trust these same people to choose a good president?

We have one exceptional candidate, Dr. Gaber. BOT, don't screw this up.

Anonymous said...

BOT Chairman J. Zerby has made it clear that the next UT president will have to be a "transformational leader" and embrace change and capitalize on the power of transformation to dramatically advance the academic success and reputation of the University of Toledo.

All fine and good in the abstract -- but here is what futurist Alvin Toffler writes about change: "change is non-linear and can go backwards, forwards and sideways".

So: my hope is that Dr. Gaber is our next president, and that she immediately restores the A&S College. This bold action would be transformational and recreate a solid, centered, foundation for achieving future academic excellence centered on the Main Campus of UT.

Anonymous said...

Given that we are facing yet more budget shortfalls, eliminating 2 deans and their staff would produce immediate savings. In any case, where are the enrollment increases that were supposed to follow the increased visibility of programs in smaller colleges? In the end, the break-up of A&S simply created more silos and more competition for fewer students.

Anonymous said...

Key members of the A&S College Restoration Committee debated whether or not to ask the visiting three presidential search finalists to comment on this significant issue during their visits. They decided that it would probably be the "kiss of death" for any candidate to show support for restoration or even admit being open to the possibility. Instead, committee members agreed to draft and circulate a petition in support of A&S College restoration after the name of the new president is announced.

Anonymous said...

I'll sign that petition!

Anonymous said...

It was the Board and not Jacobs alone that wanted A&S divided and as such it will be the Board and not the new President that has the final say - and the Board has no interest in doing so. And as has been discussed on this forum before I am not so sure if you polled all the faculty and staff (or even students) of the existing 3 colleges that you would find strong majority support to put them back together. From what I understand NSM college and faculty are not interested and their enrollments have increased. Plus the breakup had major impacts to students in terms of requirements, advising and graduation, putting them back would have impacts for many current students. More resources including faculty, recruiting, advising, and staff positions into the 3 colleges would go much further then simply putting them back together.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, talking about restoring the College of Arts and Sciences. I was 100% opposed to the break-up of the College. It was done for all the wrong, petty, vindictive reasons. Having said that. The sky has not fallen. As a matter of fact if you surveyed a statistical valid sample size of the faculty I'm sure most would agree to leave things as they are.

Two-way communication and access between the departments and the college offices have never been better.


Anonymous said...

Whether or not Arts & Sciences is reconstituted will have little bearing on the future success of UT. The debate over academic management configuration is navel-gazing at its finest. Students don't care about the names of academic units or how many there are. They care about whether or not they'll be able to get a job or get into graduate or professional school when the finish at UT.

Anonymous said...

Collegian endorses Gaber:

Anonymous said...

The Morning Line

Gaber 8:5

Wheatly 4:1

Howard 7:1

Re-start Search 50:1

Anonymous said...

Dan Johnson anyone?

Anonymous said...

Isn't he still on the payroll? What does he do?

BTW, how long does it take to hire a president?

Anonymous said...

Johnson retired from UT last year, and Board meets Monday to discuss Presidential hire, expect decision followed by contract negotiations, should have official news within a few weeks assuming quick decision and accepted contract offer with a candidate.

Anonymous said...

Blade story on presidential search:

Anonymous said...

C'mon guys.

A little creative thinking outside the box.

How about a co-presidency?

The investment bank Goldman, Sachs had such an arrangement for years. And the firm made billions.

The feature writers at the Chronicle of Higher Education would love it.

Kapoor and Johnson?

Kapoor and Jacobs?

Johnson and Jacobs?

Cast your vote.

Anonymous said...

Blade reporting March 9th afternoon that Howard has removed his name from search.

Anonymous said...

Howard withdraws. Probably was told he would not get the job.

Anonymous said...

And then there were TWO:

UT said...

Dr.Howard withdrew because of his commitment to the Liberal Arts Education. Our sister school is closing, he had a meeting with several of the community and alumni. His commitment, leadership and military integrity is what helped him make the decision. Also, based on the news article and his statement the UT board asked him to apply, thus he had the job!!Thank you for staying Dr. Howard. Good Luck UT.

UT said...

1:30 Dr.Howard emailed the board while the meeting was in session, therefore he had no idea about the outcome. Maybe there is more going on. Also, the community should ask the board who asked him to apply? What else happened? Maybe his integrity is more important than a job.

Anonymous said...

Update Odds:

Gaber: 3:5

Wheatly: 7:2

Howard: Scratched

Re-Start Search 25:1

Bloggie said...

Bloggie does not know what to make of some of these comments. But maybe you do.

Anonymous said...

Whatever reasons for Dr. Howard stepping out of the "search light", I am not disappointed. We have the top two candidates to choose from. Although I have a favorite, IF we choose one of these two, UT wins. The real question is can Zerby abide a strong woman as president? My guess is that the board will reopen the search or they will persuade Dr. Howard to re-engage in the search process.

Anonymous said...

BOT meeting tomorrow (Thursday). Announcement expected on new president.

UT said...

Dr. Howard is NOT going to re-engage. He is not discussing this matter any more. Several newspapers and tv channels have requested interviews. He gives the same statement. We are watching this blog to see if someone can provide us with something. We are in agreement something happened, it has nothing to do with not being the front runner. Dr. Howard really supports women, his married to a very strong independent lady. Maybe Zerby should ask him to make a statement about the two candidates. His integrity is very important. We are watching out of Richmond for any information why he took his name our.

Miracles said...

Welcome to UT, Dr. Gaber!

Anonymous said...

It's Gaber.

If she's as good as I think she'll be, we may be lucky to keep her five years. At least she can make a big difference in that time.

Anonymous said...

I think the BOT deserves some credit for picking an exceptional candidate to be our next President. She has the experience and vision UT needs.

Optimistic Alum said...

Looks like it's Graber!

*gets out checkbook and blows off all the Jacobs-era dust that accumulated on it*

Anonymous said...

Welcome President Gaber!

Optimistic Alum said...

...Gaber, I mean.

Anonymous said...

"What's in a name?" as the clich├ęd question goes.

Apparently not much when it comes to the University of Akron.

The Zips, under the leadership of our esteemed former Main Campus provost and as part of its strategic planning process now underway, is thinking of changing its name to reflect "its unique strengths in polytechnical and professional fields, along with career-focused applied learning," according to an article in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

What insanity to destroy a familiar brand and name that been around many, many years.

Would Scarborough been able to pull off a name change for UT had he been named president?


Any suggestions, folks? It's not a done deal, but I'm sure that Larry is already designing bow ties for his new employer.

Akron Polytechnic Institute?

Ohio Agricultural and Technical University? On football Saturdays that would be Ohio A&T.

Better yet, let's merge Akron, Kent State, Youngstown State and Northeast Ohio Medical University and call it Northeastern Ohio State University. Always the big thinker, Jim Rhodes would love it.

Jim Tressel, current Youngstown State president, can be the football coach.

And welcome Dr. Gaber. If nothing else, higher education in Ohio is always interesting.

Anonymous said...

Who here cares about what former UT administrators are doing at their new institutions? Lets focus on the here and now at UT and all support, welcome and work with the new President as she deserves that start and all our willingness to pitch in and help. And not continue to complain and obsess about a past now long gone as she can do nothing to fix or make the past better and not fair of any of us to hold the past against her. We have a chance to move forward lets take the opportunity and not let our anger and frustration with the past drag us all down any longer.

Anonymous said...

Agree. But it did bother me to see Jacobs at the press conference.

I believe she will have a great deal of support from all entities.

Anonymous said...

Welcome President Gaber! Our long nightmare has ended! We awake to a new day at the University of Toledo. Rocket Proud once again!!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious what the thoughts are on Barrett? The little contact I have had with him has been positive. Would we want a national search, or make him permanent to have a little continuity and institutional memory? Obviously the choice will now be Gaber's.

I don't think we need a Stalin-like purge right now. There are some good people in place. Let's build on that, and not destroy everything in the name of change.

Having said that, there are a few that need to go, and for the most part they have done a nice job self-identifying.

Anonymous said...

My take on Barrett is also generally positive. Unlike many of Jacob's cronies, he has been at UT about 20 years, most of that as a faculty member. He was also president of the Faculty Senate.

Anonymous said...

Sunday’s editorial in The Blade, “UT Challenges,” was a hard statement of truths that should be required reading for new UT President Sharon Gaber, all faculty and staff members, and members of the UT Board of Trustees and of the UT Foundation Board of Trustees.

Everybody knows that UT faces big challenges and that the university is now heading into one of its most important periods in recent history.

As the editorial noted, there is plenty of room for improvement and many hopes associated with the 2006 merger remain unfulfilled.

A tremendous amount of work remains to improve UT’s academic reputation, its national profile, and its ability to attract new dollars as a research institution.

The newspaper is absolutely correct when it says that UT needs to embrace and promote greater accountability measures, including a sharper focus on student retention and graduation rates, higher levels of research funding and other indicators of quality. Improving the academic profiles of entering classes as well as student retention and graduation rates has to be the new president’s top academic priority

Just as important, it has to be made very clear that UT will no longer be content to limp along in the academic shadows of BGSU, Ohio U. or Miami. UT needs to start vigorously competing with those schools for the most talented students and faculty members.

In addition, the new president will need to get up to speed very quickly on the complexities and intricacies of UT’s teaching hospital and health–care delivery system, an area where she doesn’t bring a lot of expertise. Frankly, the trust level between Main and Health Science campuses needs significant improvement.

There is absolutely no reason why UT should not be ranked among the nation’s top 200 universities.

Dr. Gaber has taken on a daunting task. It’s essential that she succeed.

Anonymous said...

Barrett. I like him. But he is no provost. Not really. He has no real understanding of undergraduate education. The question is what role do you want the president to play at the university. If you want the president out of the everyday decisions that Jacobs always involved himself in, then leave Barrett. However, if you want the President to do the work of the President, then we need a provost who is not just likable but can do the job of Provost. I suspect Gaber will see that soon enough. She knows what is expected of a Provost and will make a quick decision about the skill set of our current Provost. Not that she needs my suggestions but someone who meets the skill set of a Provost and can run the day to day work of the institution is Nagi. Not that he would accept, but it would give you continuity, faculty support and the necessary skills to do the job of Provost.

Anonymous said...

The Blade's editorial finger-wagging tone was rich, considering the complicity of its senior staff in so much of what went on during the Jacobs years. I don't mean only Zerbey; JR Block sits in Pittsburgh and still imagines himself a kingmaker. If only his mirror would show him his increasing irrelevancy.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that if Barrett is not retained as provost, he will start looking at high-level academic posts at other universities and eventually leave UT.

I don't think he has any interest in a return to teaching at a law school that is looking for a new dean and is struggling with enrollment issues.

By the way, being president of the UT Faculty Senate is hardly a qualification to be UT's chief academic officer.

Anonymous said...

Re March 15, 2015 at 5:13 PM. There are 2600 universities in the US, more or less. Why should the University of TOLEDO be ranked anywhere near the top 200, much less in the top 200? Because Toledo has a long history of sending students off to universities and Toledo just needs to recruit better locally? grab a bigger pool of the vast number of students that Toledo sends off to universities? Because Toledo should be winning the state recruitment battle? Because Toledo offers so many intellectual and cultural opportunities it should be competing for students state wide and nationally? And UT is just doing a poor job advertising these opportunities? Why, exactly, should UT be ranked much higher than it is?

Anonymous said...

As an open enrollment university, it is very hard for UT to advance in any of the various the national rankings that rely heavily on HS GPA, retention and graduation rates when we have to take in so many unprepared DHS students who never complete their degrees. Due to that factor alone BGSU and several other selective enrollment universities in Ohio have a huge ratings advantage over UT

Anonymous said...

8:48 AM - All state schools in Ohio are technically open-enrollment. It's just that so many have satellite campuses where they send poorly qualified applicants, who then don't count against the main campus in national rankings.

Akron has announced that they no longer will be open enrollment, and the state now wants graduates, not just numbers.

Take the students with 15-18 ACT scores in YouCollege and tell them to go to Owens for a year. Problem solved.

Except that the new president said she believes in open admissions.

Anonymous said...

The recent Blade editorial read to me as more of an attack directed at UT (including many except LJ) and dismissive of the entire search process - perhaps because it did not end with the candidate the Blade wanted. Sure it pointed out the long standing and obvious issues and challenges facing UT and the new President, but they were going to be there regardless of who was selected as the next President. I am not really so sure the editorial is really that helpful moving forward and frankly contains many errors and wrong assumptions about the situation at UT and higher education in Ohio and the country. Certainly does not help set a positive tone for the community including the Blade to work with the new President and engage the University as a key local resource and employer. And no I do not think that those at the former MUO have been greatly harmed by the merger, financially or other wise. Millions of cash from UT reserves were spent there to build a fancy center no one uses, funds that could have improved many other facilities on both campuses.

Anonymous said...

I'd like Barrett to remain as provost.

He is a quick study, enjoys a Harvard Law School pedigree, is willing to work with the faculty, has put together a competent administrative team, and likely has a strong institutional memory having been at UT some 20 years.

Also remember that the Provost's Office has started preparations on a mid-cycle continuing accreditation report for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association for Colleges and Schools that will visit the campus in 2016.

Continuity in the office will aid that process.

Anonymous said...

A program and reception formally announcing the naming of the Lloyd A. Jacobs Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center will be held Thursday, March 19, at 4 p.m. Jacobs’ presidential portrait also will be unveiled at the event.

“These 10 years have been among the best of my entire professional life,” Jacobs said.

****I'm glad it was good for you Lloyd. The building is perfect for your name. A big waste of time and money.

Anonymous said...

Lloyd simulation building: for a simulated leader. Someone asked me what I thought of the fact that Lloyd has now become the expensive deadwood that he railed against.

Some guy said...

It would be better if the garbage-holding corrals they built on campus a few years ago got named for Jacobs. I suppose we could all start informally calling them Jacobs huts. "Hey Clyde, would you mind taking these empty pizza boxes out to the Jacobs hut?"

Anonymous said...

Ready or not, UT is about to have a new president take up residence in U. Hall.

So does that mean we get new mission, vision and values statements and a new strategic plan?

A new set of vice presidents coming from Fayetteville?

Stiffer undergraduate admission policies?

A lot more private giving?

A presidential Twitter account?

Some more eye-popping football helmet designs?

Some tony cocktail parties in the seldom-used presidential mansion in Ottawa Hills owed by the UT Foundation?

The same tired inertia and tug-of-war from the faculty?

A move of the law school to some vacant downtown warehouse that will cost millions to renovate and equip?

The next year will indeed be exciting!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous of March 18, 2015 at 7:14 AM, I have been here since 1978. And what you have described is the exact thing that has happened with each president beginning with Horton. Unfortunately, the problem is a public that keeps electing a state house that does not really believe in public education. Until that changes probably nothing here will ever change.