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Thursday, January 29, 2015


There are now three official candidates for President of the University of Toledo.  I would like faculty to add to the minimal information we have with anything they have learned.  Does anyone have experience with any of these fine applicants?  Does anyone have a friend of a friend who has experience with them?  Also, what kinds of questions would you like them to answer when they arrive here in the middle of winter?  Is there anything you have read in their resumes that you are happy with or concerned about?  The floor is now open for comments. 


Anonymous said...

google is your friend

Anonymous said...

See comment #11 below.

Anonymous said...

UTAAUP sent out another negotiations update and call for an information meeting. The email also stated only 29 applications were received for the president's job and that during these past 5 years or so the UHall has been promoting a big lie regarding the financial health of the university. According to UTAAUP's figures, UT has been making a profit in the millions these past years (anyone recall when we were notified we were going to have a portion of our wages taken as our fair share contribution to UT's financial meltdown? Turns out UT made a profit that year, in the tens of millions. Also lots of figures in the email regarding salary increases given to non-UTAAUP members.

Anonymous said...

Not again: this should narrow the pool to two candidates.

Anonymous said...

From that Facebook page:

He's on a new one year contract. That school is trying to dump him or they'd have him contracted for multiple years. Leave it to UT to go after such a tiny school's rejects.

Anonymous said...

I would say this is a concern:

HSC Alumni & Friends for a New President
March 20, 2014 ·

Did you know?: In February 2014 President Howard called a meeting of Fraternity Presidents and representatives to the IFC. This meeting took place in College Church and was described in the Tiger newspaper. The President attended the meeting in his military uniform, in contradiction to the regulations of the United States Air Force which state a limited number of occasions where a retired service member may wear his uniform.

Berating fraternity presidents is not included..

I know little about the candidate, but the fact that he apparently has little or no experience as a faculty member or researcher, and only a short stint at a large university is troubling. I don't believe being president of a tiny, private school in the South would adequately prepare someone to be the president of complex institution like UT.

At least the other candidates have significant experience as faculty members at research universities.

Anonymous said...

UTAAUP has taken to sending email notices to members using email address that are not UT, as a result these UTAAUP emails are ending up in our junk email boxes. I ask all colleagues and students to only use their assigned UT email address so as to avoid spam and junk email, can the UTAAUP leadership please do the same as I have missed many of their recent emails to members. thanks