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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

UT-AAUP Contract Negotiations


Anonymous said...

POMO, no? Chew on this, JdS.

Anonymous said...

"The agreement also includes a 5 percent minimum wage increase that will be applied retroactively for the current academic year (the union has been without a contract since March) and another five percent increase for next year."

Is this the UT-AAUP agreed-upon contract? Not yet, but when we strike we should be able to negotiate as good, if not better, a contract than the contract successfully negotiated only yesterday by the graduate students at the University of Oregon:https:


Way to Go Ducks!

Anonymous said...

All of this is just so much distraction. What the administration did is propose a contract that was prefaced with, 'This is our final offer, take it or leave it, you have until we count to 100 or we'll go to fact finding and if we don't like the fact finding report we will just give you naughty serfs a new contract.' The admin simply gave a deadline and then filed for fact finding. That's what the UTAAUP rejected as much as anything - a process which didn't allow time for consideration and discussion was rejected. Whether the contract was better or not is irrelevant, the admin didn't give anyone time to do anyting. It was simply take it or go sit in a corner.

Anonymous said...

Go Ducks, indeed! Yet again, graduate assistants put on a clinic as to how you get a good contract. Pay attention, faculty.