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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Re Negotiations

The below is a negotiation update sent out Nov. 5 by UT--AAUP:


. . . . Regarding negotiations, the administration has now demanded that we go to fact-finding. Our legal representative, Erik G. Chappell of Lyden, Chappell & Dewhirst, Ltd., has met with the administration's negotiating team to choose fact-finders. The fact-finding will include articles on compensation (including summer teaching), health benefits, and workload for both units, and the article on evaluation for the Lecturer unit.
Dr. Linda Marie Rouillard
Vice-President, UT-AAUP


Anonymous said...

"demanded"? What was the last offer and why was it not first shared and discussed with the AAUP members, perhaps even put up for vote? The other reason this is heading to fact finding is because apparently the AAUP Executive, without even talking to reps, made the decision to turn down the last offer. I for one as a AAUP member would have at least wanted the opportunity to review and discuss, and maybe even vote on, the offer as we have now been without a contract for four years and fact finding will take months to resolve? There is some serious questioning of the AAUP leadership that members are asking when they can not even take a final offer to the due paying members for a discussion and possible vote, or explain why not accept and what can we expect to gain from fact finding, which is no binding on the Board.

Anonymous said...

Well said

Anonymous said...

I also agree, as a 20+ member of the UT AAUP I have received no recent information or meetings that outlined the final offer or decision by the UT AAUP executive to reject the offer resulting in fact finding (who I understand also did not consult or inform department reps). Members should have been informed, ahd chance to discuss and ask questions, perhaps even vote on the offer. The due paying UT AAUP members are not being served by their elected executive.