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Monday, September 29, 2014

Confess and be Shriven!

Bloggie will henceforth hear confessions, with a special emphasis on the confessions of the administrative careerists who have for so long blighted UT, and who now, in this new era may have a chance to mend their ways.

Bloggie is not interested in hearing about sexual peccadilloes.  God save us from this fate!  Share these, if you must, with the always informative UT Confessions.

You will be assigned a suitable penance, up to and including a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, deans will wear sack clothe and ashes, with assistant deans to carry their luggage and scourges.  



Anonymous said...

Oh Bloggie, I must confess that i plotted to destroy the old ASC college in order to forward my own base career. I rose through slander and not of my own merits. I envied, flattered and abased myself before and on behalf of wicked principalities. Can I be shriven?

Anonymous said...

I would be surprised if you have many takers. Most academics who turn administrative seem convinced they are helping others, while obviously being paid more for doing so. Now folks who became partners with Jacobs et al....that is more collusion and collaboration than simply administration. Let's separate the collaborators into two groups: 1) those who stayed one year or less and 2) others ...enuf said.

Anonymous said...

You sit here and criticize everyone and everything and contribute nothing positive. You put down anyone who accomplish anything. You allegedly promote shared governance, but when a faulty member moves up to an administrative role you condemn her for being a sellout.

The majority of posters here remind me of the Tea Party morons in the House, know-nothings opposed to everything.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. There's genuine potential at UT right now, and all this blog does is dwell on the past.

My friends, if you want to know why you fell disenfranchised and marginalized, look in the mirror.

While teaching and research are the most important things we do at a University, there are many other things that need to be done as well. If you don't see that than you are blind, deaf and dumb.

Bloggie said...

Dear Anonymous;

You are not allowed to confess for other people. That is called "indictment" and not confession.


Anonymous said...

Even under the Jacobs reign someone had to serve as department chairs and college deans, in fact there still needs to be a Provost office to staff. While I also would not give a pass to every administrative appointment, especially those just appointed by Jacobs and some were clearly bad appointments (and clearly there are still too many administrative positions at UT), I also agree it is not fair to attack everyone who served under Jacobs as someone had to serve in those roles. UT has way too many faculty who complain and very few who are effective and active advocates, those who actually work from within for change - and I can assure you none of those are posting here regularly.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to be an administrator and work for the greater good and another to be an administrator who can see the harm perpetrated by superiors, yet say nothing. No one faults chairs and deans who speak up for what is right, who speak up for academic integrity and fiscal responsibility.
Those chairs and deans and VPs and associate VPs who see the harm being done, who participate in doing the harm--that's another story.

Anonymous said...

Chairs and Deans have very little power to change or influence policies that were driven by those in upper administration who simply would not listen or not care. Many did speak out in private but to do so in public would have resulted in their dismissal, only to be replaced by someone else who again would not be able to influence change. What you (and many others) have no way knowing is to what degree deans and chairs may have influenced decisions during the Jacobs years that could have had potential impact even more harmful then what occurred. One possible example, merging and elimination of many academic departments. How do you or anyone else know for a fact that deans and chairs did not speak up?