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Thursday, July 17, 2014

This is Worth looking at!

I might be seeing things but ... do any of you read "Mary Worth" (in whose background is a connection to Toledo) in the comics? There's a story line right now about little (clairvoyant?) Olive, who's been taken to the doctor because of a cyst that might need to be removed. The doctor is none other than the surgeon Dr. Kapuht! Sweet little Olive is terrified of him and says he's a bad doctor. 'Kapuht' is obviously a reference to 'kaputt'--but maybe also to 'Kapoor'? And in yesterday's strip, Kapuht looks a lot like ... Jacobs! Maybe (probably) coincidence--but awfully coincidental. Take a look yourselves. (Even if you don't think it's related, it's still a good time.) Unfortunately I can't get the strip itself to print, but you should be able to find it here:

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Anonymous said...

I don't think he looks anything like Jacobs. Wishful thinking in my opinion - we all wish UT would get some national media attention that would get to the bottom of all these shady business deals, back-room deals, and just outright waste of taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

The last three minutes easily double the amount of time I've spent thinking about Mary Worth in my life. Interesting theory.

Anonymous said...


A faculty member who authors a book on zombies and a faculty member who follows Mary Worth.

I'm so proud of my alma mater.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bloggie has hit a nerve with this trending gem from the popular culture realm. Hurrah for the critical humanities! Keep on truckin'!

Anonymous said...

As well you should be! A well-rounded person with interests in a variety of thing, in addition to their primary fields of study, generally makes a much better and more interesting teacher for you! UT is lucky to have them, and so are you if you took any of their classes.